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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

White smoke from Delta Tau Chi chimney

Apparently a new president has been selected for U.C. Nike.

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I got the white smoke / chimney reference, had to google the frat.



I bet the leash will fit.

A new president was selected, and nobody even nominated Bluto? That's shameful.

Since Wednesday was the 70th anniversary of the day the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, this is certainly fitting.

Maybe UO Matters will be put on Double Top Secret Probation.
BTW Texas, Mr. Blutowski would have been a fine candidate being that he was a US Senator.

My apologies, that is Senator Blutarsky...

The Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Wow, the people commenting on this blog aren't that bright, are they. Must be OSU history grads. Every UO student learns that WWII started with the infamous sneak Japanese submarine attack on Paris.

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