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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Welcome to Buck-a-Hit Day

Thanks for coming to this blog on our ninth annual Buck-a-Hit Day. Just by visiting here today, you have caused the bojack.org Gift-Giving Team to give $1 to one of our six designated charities. We'll throw in a buck a hit for the first 5,000 unique visits (as measured by SiteMeter).

Now that you've shaken a dollar out of us, please don't leave just yet. Don't miss your chance to subvert some of the action to your own favorite charity. The writer of the best comment left attached to this post will get to designate where $250 of our kitty goes. Make us laugh, make us cry, tell us why you gave, make us think, whatever -- the criteria for "best" are wide open. Something having to do with the spirit of the season would be welcome. Even a link to an original photo of yours would be good. We'll pull out six or so contenders from the comments tonight, and hold a reader poll tomorrow to see which commenter gets to make the call.

Last but not least, here is your chance to help our charities. Please click on one or more of the six buttons below and give generously to the organization pictured. You'll go to a secure PayPal site, which will take your credit card info if you don't have a PayPal account. (We pay all PayPal fees; every dollar you give goes to charity.) Please enter the amount of your donation, and "Update" or "Update Total." Then either log in to your PayPal account or click where indicated to pay by credit card.

No donation is too small!

For more information about these excellent charities, you can check out their websites here:

Sisters of the Road Cafe
Children's Heart Foundation, Oregon Chapter
Human Solutions
Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center
Oregon Food Bank
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Oregon and Washington

If you'd like a receipt (contributions are tax-deductible for you deduction-itemizers out there), just be sure that PayPal has your current address; we'll see to it that you get proper acknowledgment in the mail for the amount you've contributed. And if you've got questions or concerns, please email me here.

If we get our 5,000 unique visits and get $4,600 in donation from readers, then taking into account matches from the Gift-Giving Crew, we'll be raising $10,250 for good causes here today. Now, that would be awesome.

Regardless of whether you donate or comment, thank you for coming by today. If you are a newcomer to this blog, we hope that you will look around the site a bit (the archives are on the left sidebar, if you're interested), and come back again another day. And please don't hesitate to get out the word to others who may want to visit and give before this day is out. It's a tough time for a lot of people, and we need all the help we can get.

[Note: The time stamp on this post will be changed throughout the day to keep it on top of our main page. It was first posted just seconds after midnight this morning.]

UPDATE, 12/21, 12:33 a.m.: An awesome day -- we broke all records, and met all our goals! A summary of the results is here.

Comments (43)


We heard you on OPB discussing the Blogger being sued for Libel yesterday.

Already contributed, and I'll be sending lots of friends out this way. Thank you for this, Jack. I know you don't get enough comments of appreciation for what you're doing, so let me be the first to say it today.

Are you kidding? People say nice things to me all the time. Thanks for your donation, and thanks for being here all year.

"People say nice things to me all the time..." Sam, Super Carol, Randy the Fireman, Jeffer-Sam, Neil, the Republican Senator from NY, Homer, Earl, the Tri-Met Board, CoP, PPD, Clackamas County Board, Rep. Wu, OHSU, Nike U Football team, Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, et al all have "Nice" things to say...

I second what Texas Triffid Ranch said. Donations made this morning.
Thank you for all you do for this website, my personal link back to Portland.

Jack does the real investigative reporting that no one else does.

Thank you, PN. But enough about me! Let's have some comments that can win that contest and get $250 for your favorite charitable cause.

Comment for the day: "I'm Eileen Brady and I'm running for Mayor. 'I lean' one way and 'I lean' another way depending on what the audience wants to hear, to shamelessly get any vote."

Thanks Jack for all you do.

This is my favorite day of the year to visit the blog. Very nice.

Comment for the day from my all time favorite movie Auntie Mame (Rosalind Russell played the famed Mame:
"Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death."
I am donating to the Oregon Food Bank and Sisters of the Road.
No one should go hungry in this country.

I'm shocked, I tell ya, shocked, that the Bus Project is not one of the six charities chosen.

I look forward to this day each year. Jack thanks for your time and effort for all these worthy charities.

God Bless and Merry Christmas

Dear Jack,
Came here at the suggestion of Bob Miller, I will be returning. I wanted to tell you that the spirit of giving you encourage can be seen in many places, our local High School choir adopted a family this year for the first time, not only did the experience change Christmas for one family, it changed it for about ten kids who wholeheartedly embraced the true meaning of giving. May the spirit of giving continue to spread one person at a time.

As one who says both nice and not so nice things about Jack over the years, I'll repeat: Jack should run for local office. Now, was that a nice or naughty thing to say?

Thanks Jack, glad to be here as a visitor and donor. You're helping a lot of people who really need it. Not to mention putting out a tremendously entertaining and informative product year after year. As a former newspaper reporter, I really appreciate your work on this blog.


Portland Mayor Jack Bogdanski Infuriates Portland Business Alliance, Shuts Down PDC

Published: Monday, January 14, 2013, 7:53 PM
By Roseph Jose, The Oregonian

Portland, Mayor Jack Bogdanski has outraged the ruling hierarchy at the Portland Business Alliance. Following through on his campaign promise to reverse the soaring city debt problem Mayor Bogdanski announced today his plans to outright abolish the Portland Development Commission. The announcement was met with harsh criticism from many of Portland's powerful stakeholders who supported several of candidate Bogdanski's opponents.
The unwavering Mayor Bogdanski appeared gleeful about the criticism saying, "It's reassuring to get such immediate confirmation that I am doing the right thing."

The Mayor's spokesman and former funny man Bill McDonald said, " We are deeply concerned about the welfare of the PBA".

-– Roseph Jose
© 2013 Oregonlive.com. All rights reserved.

Hey, Fireman Randy, you out there today?
Come on, let the moths fly out of your wallet for some good local causes; feed some folks something nourishing for a change.

It's not much but made a donation to the Virginia Garcia Clinic. Found about you and your blog from Paul R. @Texas Triffid Ranch.

Had to take the bait for double the money for the Oregon Food Bank - that is an investment well spent and the return is priceless.

So many people over the last few years are having to quietly access the services of these and other charities. Once a contributor and now a beneficiary is not as uncommon as we would like to think.

Thanks Jack for all that you do for so many of us.

I sent your link to my 30 employees. I hope they visit.

Thanks Emilym!

As a matter of fact, in Portland, 32% of people who requested emergency food assistance were EMPLOYED.

...and the number of homeless families increased by 29%.

OFB hears all the time lately about folks who never expected to be eating from an emergency food box...it's rough out there...be thankful AND generous!

Facts from here:

As someone who runs a nonprofit (although not one listed), I think this is great you do this each year. Just made a donation to OFB and Human Solution. I've worked with both over the years.

Cheers Jack- May your spirit of generosity go viral. genop

Top 10 Reasons Santa is considering moving from the North Pole to NoPo:

10 - Santa is concerned with equity. And a member of the creative class, he would like to take advantage of moving his workshop into a condo bunker with elevators - an opportunity that only equity provides!

9 - Santa first bought a home in Vancouver to save on taxes. But as an active political figure considering running for mayor, he is realizing that he needs to reside n the City.

8 - Santa has recently built some political connections, and is interested in leveraging public-private investment from a PDC innovation district to expand his workshop, and jobs(!), in the south waterfront.

7 - Homer Williams suggested it, and arranged public financing, by pointing out the monumental benefits to future generations. It's for the kids!

6 - While picking up books at a book store in Manhattan, Santa ran into Republican Senator Wyden from New York, who told him what a progressive city Portland is.

5 - Santa lent $20 to David, a nice young man from Welches Oregon, and would like to reconnect so that he can be repaid.

4 - Santa heard that the City of Portland has such a strong credit rating, and a perusing of the Oregonian demonstrated that it is because the City is so careful in issuing debt for only necessary projects.

3 - Santa received so many press releases from politicians in the state demonstrating progress, that he realized the only sensible thing to do would be to move there.

2 - Santa is nearing retirement, and would like to put in a few years as a UO football coach to ensure he will be taken care of into his golden years.

1 - Santa heard that a local tax law professor with too much time on his hands had a great blog, and was donating to good causes. He wanted to come check it out and spread the holiday cheer!

Happy Holidays!

I have always wished for a computer that would be as easy to use as my telephone.

My wish came true. I no longer know how to use my telephone.

Dear Mr. Bogdanski,

Thank you for doing this (and making it so simple too - no excuses!). I just made a small donation to Virginia Garcia and the OFB.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

Did anyone see this in the Oregonian?


Wow. Just wow.

Please continue with your regularly scheduled programming.... "Play on!"

With extreme and sincere apologies to Julie Andrews:

Raindrops on Roseway, can Randy assess that
Bury the water, don’t ask for a variance
Rose Fest, bike lanes, the Water House, ca-ching
These are bully Randy’s illegal things

Odd in-fill houses, train transit and density
Millions to developers, oh, the insanity
Meanwhile Portland school classroom sizes zoom,
Compression leaves us no budgetary room

An over budget Tram, the Office of Equity
Police Shootings, Centers for Sustainability
Baby Deer statue, artwork for Light Rail
Stenchy brings love to the composting pail

When the Cash ends
Pension costs soar
Where do we begin?
The council just borrows for favorite Dons
And then we feel screwed again

Those for mayor, no common sense among them
Smith, Hales and Brady, an idiots’ quorum
Progressive, liberal, let’s spend it, ca-ching
These are the developers’ favorite things

Kitz and Cylvia, State government is broke
Energy credits, but solar power’s a joke
Build a new bridge, though we don’t know which one
Federal subsidies soon might be done

Urban renewal, condo bunkers and Parkways
Food composting, Water Bureau history
Don’t ever expect basic services to bring
Cash, sex and favors to the Goldschmidt ring

Opt-out of leaf tax, but don’t expect paving
No money to keep parks and pools functioning
If you want sidewalks, your neighborhood must pay
Because millions will arrive now any day

When Sellwood Bridge falls
More gang shootings
No jobs to be had
I simply pack up and move to Vancouver
And then I don’t feel so bad

Just posted on my facebook page.

Christmas Haiku:

One day way back when
Came to Earth a Holy Babe
Can I get some Uggs?

Ace Hayes, Phil Stanford, Jack Bogdanski.

Thanks, Jack.

From one who tries to make a difference to one who actually makes a difference, my sincerest thanks. To the organizations singled out for special treatment today, you are the creme de la creme. Those of us who can afford to help try our damndest to make it possible for you to do your work. Thank you for all you do in and for the community. Just wish I could do more.

Thanks Jack. This is great public service from a really good man. But can you give it a second thought or two before you decide to kick me off your blog for a few months next time? Purgatory isn't any fun at all! Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Happy to send some extra dollars toward the effort today Jack. Thanks for allowing your readers such easy access to help these great non profits.

I think Ben is really on to something, but not sure you have committed yourself to the next mayor’s race. So I guess my Christmas wish for the next election cycle would be for whichever Mayor we pick to consider some of the frequently posted concerns on your blog……

To remember the little guy; the developers will do just fine on their own

Spend less for self promotion and more for city improvements

The City’s success is not judged by those on the outside looking in, but rather by those living here

The livability of a neighborhood is more important than designing a way to get there

Support the lawful right to protest, but be tough with lawbreakers

There is a limit to the extra fees that can be expected for city services we already pay taxes for

Public input is important. Do more to
encourage it, less to limit it

The path to equity is a dead end road

Have a great Christmas

Ok, you're on. I'll do a penny a hit for the Oregon Food Bank ... You post the hit total and I'll send you a copy of the check so you can add it to your total.

I'd love to be able to do a buck, but the scratch just isn't there.

Thank you Jack for providing this forum.

A heavy heart about our city is lightened

by knowing there are others here who care.

Your gift to charity will bring light to many.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Thanks for such generosity, Jack - this is really wonderful. Hope you reach your goal!

Thanks, too, for such an interesting blog. I live in Chicago and have been reading for some time now. I have been struck (not always for the good) at how similar the Rose City and the Windy City really are - from the corruption at the top (though, hopefully, that will improve a little with our new mayor) to the ongoing obsession with bikes!

While it certainly seems as though the two cities are sister cities (with Chicago just a little bigger and with fewer hipsters), so far, no slop buckets here. And I REALLY want a Stenchy the rat - where on earth did you get him?

bindy, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for any mayor of the Windy City. Recovering Chicagoan here. I never expected such corruption in Portland as under the alderman system which still holds Chicago in thrall.

Well, Portland never had an Everleigh Club, but we did Shanghai sailors!

Thanks Jack for your efforts. I chose the Oregon Food Bank.

Sent by Texas Triffid Ranch (Paul). Donated to Sisters of the Road, and moved you a notch closer to your goal.

As the winner of the first annual comment contest I'd like to say that it really touches me to see Sisters of the Road on the list of charities this endeavor supports each year.

You are why it's there.

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