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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Book review

One of the great benefits of being a parent is getting to read the books that the children bring home. Some of them are exquisite. Like this one:

Scorsese has a movie version out, and maybe we'll make a rare journey to the movies to see it, but we're extremely glad to have experienced the book first. It's something.

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We have LOVED that book in our house! And I've heard some very good reviews about the movie. We're debating springing for the tickets...only out in 3D, so 6 tickets is rather prohibitive. But this is one that just won't be the same on Netflix.

And Brian Selznick has a new book out - Wonderstruck (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wonderstruck_%28book%29). It looks great. I saw it this weekend at my neighborhood bookstore.

We saw this in 3D at Cinetopia. Wow. I thought it was definitely worth the $11 ticket price. Scorsese did it right.

Here's an article about the movie


"Martin Scorsese goes kinder, gentler with 'Hugo'
The director's experience as a parent drew him to take on the child-friendly 3-D film."

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