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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You're *not* safe, even in the bike lane

[Warning: Audio is NSFW]

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He's lucky the buck didn't use it's antlers. They are strong enough to pierce a lion's skull.

The only thing funnier than this is the obligatory comment in every blog post featuring it. Namely, the one humorless, butthurt comment from "a longterm biker" crying about why people should laugh at a cyclist being knocked off his bike. Add the equally obligatory "you may think it's funny, but cyclists have a lot more to worry about from motorists than the other way around," and you've got comedy gold.

Mountain biker struck by Impala with no driver!

Actually, that's not why I wear a bike helmet.

"Police said the antelope claimed the sun was in its eyes and it did not see the cyclist. No citations were issued."

All I can say is to bad it wasn't a rhino!

They were here before us and may be here after us depending on the scope of NRA membership, which may balloon if this economy gets worse and families take eating "local" literally.

My Grandparents retired and my Grandfather built a house up in South Lake Tahoe. When I was a little kid, I used to be awoken at night by blood curdling death screams of some Jane Doe's pekingese getting taken by a pack of coyotes who hopped over the 6 foot fence and snatched her as she was out for her before bed potty time.

So, I am not surprised and have very little sympathy for folks who choose to live or play out in the middle of nowhere. If the local fauna wants to play with them too, then well...It was their choice to be out there.

The buck stops you here!

If one is known by the company they keep, how do you (Jack) feel about being surrounded by those who don't feel sympathy for someone who just got smashed and possibly badly injured.

Obviously, when mountain biking, one accepts the risk of injury. That doesn't mean we have to take pleasure in it.

Try as i might, I just can't manage to take any pleasure in watching other people get hurt. This seems out of place here.

There seems to be a bit of hand wringing on this post. The guys who posted it are mates, pals, buddies. The broken helmet isnt a wound, it's a badge. Think rugby, not golf. Well done!

There's a big difference between laughing at someone who got hurt but is fine and laughing at someone who got hurt but is maimed or dead.

Why do you think people submit videos to America's Funniest Videos? Because even the people involved often find the visual image funny.

Lighten up.

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