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Sunday, October 16, 2011

PC unwelcome wagon arrives

We wondered how long it would take for things to get ugly at the Mars Hill Church in close-in Southeast Portland. The answer is, not long. Demonstrators in masks and black outfits, blocking the door to a church and shouting obscenities -- that doesn't sound like the "spirit of equity" that we're hearing so much about.

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Quite true Jack. Just like the local news coverage of Occupy Portland ignores stuff like this:


I know it's off-topic, it appears the people protesting are cut from the same cloth. So much for the tolerance thing...

Ooops - bum link - just google "Youtube Occupy Portland sings F*** the USA." Nothing but class.

This "church" has a "security team"?
Hummm...seems like the church is expecting problems. I do wonder why they selected that neighborhood. One would think there were other options.

There's nothing even superficially PC about this faction. Most don't even pretend to believe in that.

We only have to show tolerance towards those we agree with...Duhhhhhhh.

And the Tea Party folks spit on members of Congress.

Each side has their quota plus of stupid intoleranters. But, jack only follows the Fox News agenda...

Tea Party folks did not spit upon congress. It simply didn't happen, although the "news" was glad to report that it had happened. It's like the racism charge - the only reason for that charge other than it's mud that the media (and that august organization,the CBC) has thrown and made stick is because less government means fewer entitlements.

The Tea party is nothing like the OWS crowd, a crowd which the President has endorsed. Portland has never been about tolerance since Goldschmidt entered Oregon politics. It's about self-congratulation.

And the Tea Party folks spit on members of Congress.

Not only did that never happen, it was proven to be a manufactured slander on tea partiers.

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.....Joseph Goebbels

Yeah - you have to just love the "tolerance" of people that hide their identities behind a mask or bandana and scream obscenities at children. You can be sure that if two or three guys punched out these punks, the entire group would flee in a heartbeat..
I'm always amused by anyone that attempts to hide their faces behind a mask or bandana at any protest. Are they simply scared that people they know or employers will see what sort of people they really are? Or are they scared that mom and dad will cut off their monthly checks when they find out that junior is a closet socialist?

"I do wonder why they selected that neighborhood."

You're right - There be a lot less trouble if we just kept those darn minorities in their own neighborhoods.

Why select Portland, or especially that neighborhood, if not to "go to the belly of the beast." Some people thrive on conflict, for some reason. While I can't condone harassing the "church," they are clearly a pretty special sort over there themselves.

Portland has never been about tolerance since Goldschmidt entered Oregon politics. It's about self-congratulation.

LL, in two sentences you just summed up the vast majority of my complaints about Smugtown.

"... it was proven to be slander..."

Can someone site the source for this prroof?

I only ask since I recall seeing a video clip of a spitting incident on the steps of the Capitol. So some proofs of this report being not only fabricated but intentfully slanderous would be an interesting thing to peruse.

Thank you for posting this source of proof at your earliest convenience.

Look for it on your own - prove that it happened. People. Phrase a contemptable request in a polite way -it's still a contemptable request.

Show me film that you don't still beat your wife.

You can disagree with what tea partiers stand for and advocate all you want. But making stuff up about them just because you disagree with them to try to paint them as something they're not is a whole another thing. Tea party gatherings are notoriously well-behaved and peaceful. Spitting on anyone is anathema to who they are.

Thought so. You make a claim of slander. Not I. And you care not to back up your claim. The more robust conclusion is you cannot. Your claim is without foundation.

Have a good day.

Whatever happened to the "kiss-in"? That would seem a much more appropriate and effective action than shouting obscenities at mostly clueless churchgoers and their kids (if indeed they did shout obscenities - I don't automatically take the O's word on anything involving protests).

"Please Verify"

If you were but to click on link I posted you would find this tidbit:

"3. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver DID claim HE was spat on, but then after he and everyone else in the world reviewed the video and saw that errant spittle from a man screaming “Kill the Bill!” is what hit Rep Cleaver, he walked back the charge."

Is that proof enough for you?

Pelep - someone made a claim of slander. To slander requires intent to deceive for the purpose to diminish reputation. Can someone site the proof that this was a slanderous act as claimed? Or was the charge of slander just a wild term used to get attention or an outright lie? I am still trying to get the person who made this claim of slander to provide foundation for the claim. But this has not happened. The more robust conclusion is that the claim of slander has no foundation whatsoever and may be just a lie perpetuated for some agenda.

Have a wonderful day.

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