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Thursday, October 27, 2011

More violent crime on MAX

It goes on and on and on. It's time to put the Mystery Train to Milwaukie on hold until somebody figures out a solution to the serious crime problem on Portland's commuter trains. Maybe we should have a public vote on requiring turnstiles and other meaningful security.

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Then again, at TriMet "everything is on the table" for slashing, except for that stupid Rebirth statue.


light rail is a sham when it comes to Portland. There's nothing high capacity about light rail commuter transport. Yet we just can't do without light rail for the Columbia River Crossing project replacement. It's just plain criminal to be foisting commuters off the C-Tran express service so as to ride the slowly meandering Yellow Max line through North Portland. C-Tran bus express is more than twice as fast in getting folks from Vancouver to Portland and back again during rush hour than the yellow line Max.

The exorbidant capital cost of light rail is largely picked up by hosing state and federal government taxpayers. TriMet cheers it because they feel as though they can drop bus service and get lower operating costs. But even here, TriMet blows the operating savings on higher employee benefits, handouts to the developer crowd, or other insider payoffs.

The whole light rail thing in Portland is a travesty and a rape of taxpayers everywhere. Transportation secretary Ray Lahood should be fired and his public transit budget axed. Only then will this local scam end.

As long as Neil and his sycophants are in denial we'll never solve the problem.

David, do you really think Neil is still running things around here? Is he standing behind a curtain, wizard of oz style? Do you honestly believe that local leaders take orders from him?

The description of the suspect is missing some key information. Is he black, white, hispanic? That would be helpful to know, wouldn't it? Why does the O refuse to provide that information?


The PPB web site clearly identifies the suspect as African American in their own news release. The O rarely lists the race of a suspect (PC concerns?). Makes little sense if the point of listing any description is so we can look for the guy.

"Additionally, it is important to take into account the demographics of riders of the streetcar, he said. “Our community sets the tone. Our residents care about what goes on in their community and they call us. And when they call, we respond.”

“I am confident in LO that we aren’t going to have any major issues at all with whatever option might be chosen. We’re safe,” said Forman.

Don Forman, Interim Police Chief, Lake Oswego Review, Sept. 30, 2010

Denial runs deep- no one wants to admit to public failures either before or after the fact. Thanks Sigma, for a great link.

I appreciate the Breaking News report that is 10 days after the event.

Flack reporting at its best.

Friend back from NYC says - this would never happen on the subway - people remember 9/11 all too well and don't take any crap anymore.

Portland is far too cowardly and politically correct to confront thugs and criminals.

Because being accused of being a Rayyssisst is worse, apparently.

Here's hoping the guy's headed to "occupy" portland to contribute to the the dish washing.

I find it pathetic that none of the so-called "newspapers" in Portland report the race of criminals in crime stories. What are they affraid of? Here in Nevada, they not only report on race, height, weight and other identifying information - but have no problem posting photos from security cameras as well.
Do the doofuses that edit these stories realize how utterly LAME they make these stories sound?

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