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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Life in Salem

It's special.

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I don't recall the time a cop killed someone. So, we have that going for us in Salem...which is nice.

Salem. A town full of government workers and their politician masters, screwing over the rest of Oregon. What's not to like?

You can't say Go By Streetcar here.

If the homeless guy is from Welches, I'll contribute to her legal defense.

Speaking of financially challenged cities, a great Micheal Lewis piece on muni finances


It's surprising how many state workers work in Salem but live outside the city. The city isn't particularly pedestrian friendly.

Put a State Employee on it.

State Prison and the State Mental Institution releasing into nearby half way houses, care homes and into the general society makes for a messy culture for the rest of the locals.

Perhaps a reporter could ask the DA's spokesperson why that office decided to prosecute this $5 misunderstanding. Any explanation provided would prove edifying.

Perhaps that reporter might obtain an estimate of the public cost of such a prosecution, including the employment of social services for Ms Fleming's twins.

Perhaps that reporter or another might explore the cost and benefits of an alternative resolution of this matter.

And perhaps a reporter might offer a list of similar minor cases the DA's office chose not to prosecute.

Oregon's capital city merits a fuller understanding of its system of criminal prosecution.

Sounds like buyer's remorse. Too bad she realized the beggar's scam after she willingly gave him money.

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