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Friday, October 7, 2011

Bicoastal flop

With the disappearance of the Phillies' hitters against Chris Carpenter of the Cardinals, the baseball playoffs have become a midwestern affair. It's come down to Detroit, Milwaukee, St. Louis, and Dallas. The longitude range is -97.07 to -83.02. The geographic center of the lower 48 states is at -98.35; New York is -74.00, Los Angeles is -118.15. Except for the folks in Texas, the remaining franchises all occupy relatively small media markets, which means that despite a lot of high drama so far, viewership of what comes next may be small. Anyway, congratulations to fans of the teams that have survived.

Comments (2)

A-Rod had one good post-season when he was with Kate Hudson. When she left, he went right back to being a flop including 2 for 18 against the Tigers and a couple of big strikeouts in the last game.

You could say it was the lack of steroids, but he was also a post-season flop when he was on steroids. It was only when he was with Kate Hudson that he became a clutch Yankee player. His inner choke artist could not operate with her around.

I've always thought that if a rock star writes a hit song about a specific woman, she should get some royalties. She didn't write it, or play it, but she inspired it.

It is time for the Yankees to send Kate Hudson a World Series ring, if they haven't already.

Go Brewers!! Dang, it was 29 yrs ago they lost to the Cardinals in Series. Ya know middle age is here when we think: "seems like yesterday"

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