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Thursday, September 15, 2011

An Oregon disgrace

Here in the Beaver State, if someone wants to do your taxes for a fee, they have to take a test and get a license. If they want to deliver your baby for a fee, they don't.

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And, anybody can repair the brakes on your car for a fee but needs a license to fix your lawn sprinklers.

Anyone ever investigate the MDs after a child they delivers dies?

Don't forget, in Oregon, that person who gives you a pedicure is a "nail technician" who must be licensed by the state. (Oregon is only a handful of states that requires licensing of "nail technicians.")

And in Nevada and Florida, your interior decorator must be licensed.

And in Nevada and Florida, your interior decorator must be licensed

Well, that makes sense. At least to color-blink folks like me. I kept telling my ex-wife that those shades of green all looked the same to me. A licensed ID could have backed me up.

On second thought I think a couple of questions that need to be asked are how many infants die each year as a result of medical care, or lack of medical care and how often does an investigation take place?

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