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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The British try to figure out Earl the Pearl

It takes a while.

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Better not let Earl the Pearl learn about the dangers of Wind Energy.


OMG!!! a "Congressional Bike Caucus"???
How many staffers that one require? And how much money???

Of course he wouldn't be caught dead with an American flag on his lapel.

Maybe he can turn that pin into a pair of glasses like they do in NYC for New Years.

Keep Portland Weird goes global.

Earl was on CNBC this morning, where he was introduced as "Eric" Blumenauer.

Of course, we shouldn't expect much more for a back-bencher from a bucolic backwater.

In fact, the British are well used to bicycling politicians. Both London mayor Boris Johnson and PM David Cameron are keen cyclists, although Cameron has come in for criticism about his bicycle lock-up habits, as explained in this somewhat-dated but amusing story:

What a dork.

I've only seen this guy in action once.
The Bush administration sent an official (as part of a panel) out to debate the Patriot Act with the ACLU and this guy.

Blumenauer behaved and spoke like a parody of a fool in a badly written 19th century stage comedy. I simply could not believe that he was in a position of responsibility.

I'd come for hard discussion not mugging clownery.

..,I simply could not believe that he was in a position of responsibility...

That statement holds true for oh too many!!
Do these positions attract certain types?
Alas, from one end of the country to another, trouble is brewing.

I have heard, so ask if it is true that Earl has not had a job outside of politics?

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