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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Welches con man working Doug Fir area

A reader wrote us late Saturday night:

Three hours ago, at 8th and E Burnside (b/t Doug Fir and Imago Theater), I ran into your favorite Welches con man. I see from your most recent post on the issue that he was at Biwa (a couple blocks away) last week.

Anyway, he talked to me for about a minute. Then I realized who he was, got totally annoyed, and told him I didn't have time (I really didn't have time -- I was trying to find my friends).

When David scores a hit, he usually retires to a nearby bar to drink and gamble away his ill-gotten gains. Wonder which watering hole he's patronizing over that way -- probably this unidentified joint on Grand.

Comments (3)

I'm just waiting for the enterprising soul that insists, really insists on giving David a ride to Welches and drops him off out there

A very casual observer of this site might thing you're picking on this guy. This individual's actions are reflective of the entire panhandling scene in Portland, and the rest of the county.

Giving money to panhandlers is making their lot in life worse. It is going to substance abuse and those that give money to them are enablers.

If I encounter this individual, I'll call his bluff and offer him a ride to Welches for free. I'll even offer to pay for the towing of his car, or whatever the details of his scam are.

Of course, he won't take such offer of service. He just wants a few bucks for his addictions.

T and WS, I started doing the same thing myself with similar scammers who point to the nearest car and swear up and down that they just need a few bucks for gas so they can get back to Austin/San Antonio/New Orleans. I'll offer "If you want to follow me to the gas station, I can fill it up for you." Suddenly, it's completely out of gas. "Hey, I'll come back with a gas can." Before you know it, they're backing off, either with an excuse as to why they need to be elsewhere or yelling "All I wanted was a few bucks, man!"

Alternately, if you know it's the Welches con man, do you know what would freak him out? As soon as he starts his pitch, just go blank. No expression, no eye contact. Just go on your way. If enough people did this, it would make a difference: it worked remarkably well on a problem scammer that used to harangue everyone on the block where my wife works.

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