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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SoWhat immigration jail hearing set for July 6

Should be a most interesting day at City Hall. Here's a one-sided spin on it from the PBJ. You can be sure the neighbors will be describing it a little differently.

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Yes, after last nights South Portland NA Land Use Meeting and other information coming in, things will be "most interesting".

First, it was revealed that ICE has the ability to kick out the next door neighbors-the existing Charter School, according to their lease. Owner happens to own/control both the Charter school building and ICE's proposed building.

The ICE traffic engineers are predicting that through the busy/backed-up intersection of SW Macadam and Bancroft vehicles, right in front of this building, will exit the intersection every 4 1/2 seconds. That is a phenomenal rate compared to similar intersections. The project will exacerbate the intersections near F failure now.

ICE proposes a 106 parking structure for gov. vehicles. There will be 130 people working there. ICE predicts 55 people would drive meaning transit ridership of employees would have to be over 55%. This has never been achieved here or anywhere else in the US. PBOT is claiming that SoWhat/OHSU is achieveing 40% ridership. Totally false. Recent counts have shown around 7%. And where do all the visitors to this facility park?

Many attendees wanted to get information about public safety. It was learned that detainees could be granted bail and released right into the neighborhood at this ICE facility.

And there will be some more surprises that concerned citizens have found that will be broached at the July 6th hearing. Could be interesting.

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