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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Security video from Mount Tabor reservoir released

Recently revealed security cam footage from Portland's Mount Tabor Reservoirs certainly seems to bolster the city's claim that the reservoirs must be covered for reasons of the public health. Viewer discretion advised, but the footage (some of which is pretty disturbing) is here.

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Any excuse to show that clip. I believe it was 1933.

I think that's the upper reservoir if I'm not mistaken, and you're right - it's pretty twisted.

The real video is here.

So-o-o Rose Festival-y, too!

It is disturbing Jack! I will have trouble sleeping tonight with those images swirling in my nightmares.
At 5:30 you can clearly start to see the arcing stream of fluid splashing into the water. And it continues for some time!

Maybe the Water Bureau should get a clue from Mel Brooks and send in the nuns.


Mel would have stayed committed to the bit longer than Jack did here.

Springtime for Hitler, and Germany...


There's a bigger in the water problem now.


L'horreur, l'horreur!

I used to live across the street from the place and get to see all kinds of questionable activity. The city has not provided adequate security for some years and of course we know what their real priorities are.

BFD... as if one guy peeing into the reservoir is going to actually pollute the water; or ducks or geese (well maybe the geese) swimming around is going to make the water unsafe for drinking, before the water is treated, and filtered for public consumption.
Randy just wants to have his 'water police" force, and he thinks that by showing some guy peeing in the reservoir that will upset everyone, and he can achieve his goal that much sooner by trying to scare the populace.
Loved the clip too! and yes that is pretty scary!

P. Native -- The water in the reservoirs goes straight to your tap, untreated and unfiltered. I would agree that, clinically, diluted pee is not a health hazard. But I am damn glad they took it offline.

Scary? Not really. Playing with and petting your dog or cat, changing a diaper, or cutting up chicken is scary from a health perspective. More Leonard propaganda to scuttle the citizen demands to keep these reservoirs open. That Coke he drank came from Wilsonville plant and the Willamette river. Now that is scary stuff. We know about the unmeasurable open reservoir risks, and the benefits outweigh them by a long shot.

Anything to free up that priceless hillside acreage with a view...

Miles - you are not correct. The treated water (treated at Bull Run with chlorine) is treated again upon leaving the Mt Tabor reservoirs with a chlorine boost. However, even chlorine can't get rid of radon and nitrification byproducts should the reservoirs be covered. That is a LOT scarier than a natural by-product from a human or bird. With a chlorine boost and massive dilution, this by-product is not harmful. The Portland Water Bureau's tweeters are probably getting blisters on their fingers today. Scare, scare, scare!

Chlorine is at the outlet before it goes into the pipes to our faucets. Deborah just posted that as well with additional information and real concerns our community needs to know about.

Evidently PWB doesn't care about science as they are taking steps to seriously degrade our water and the health of our community will be affected by their unwise decisions. They are refusing to use science as their guide and to ask for a permanent Waiver. This is political and things have been running "political" all the way from years ago. See the following background:

If people are concerned about birds, there are bird-wires available, however, PWB hasn't taken those steps, why?

By the way, as I recall there are signs stating that parks are not open after midnight, so where was security, they should have seen a group wandering around "before the incident." Also, were there not sensors in place to detect any movement approaching the fence, or were they removed or ignored? What has our $45 million we are paying for done in this regard? (See yesterday’s thread, June 15th: “Buy a waterfall, I’m calling you “ and response by F. Jones, Friends of Reservoir’s information)

I find it interesting that the perp is named in the video. Was he hoping to get a gig on a reality TV show or something?

He's supposedly unemployed, so that'll be a lot of community service for 32K in costs. Guess the Water Bureau just got themselves a new full-time volunteer.

I was referring to the movie clip of the Buzby Berkley swimmers as the scary ones! Some of those upper leg shots were pretty racy!
Deborah has it right about the pollution.
Also most municipal water systems are structured so that virtually all the stored water is used in a 24 hour period, so the water does not become stagnant and thus pick up impurities just sitting around.
Chlorine's effectiveness diminishes rapidly in 24 to 36 hours after application.
Therefore, if Portland's water supply is essentially used in 24 to 36 hours, we can conclude that the man's urine has already been completely diluted and probably used up by now. Draining the reservoir now is a needless expense, and probably pointless from a sanitation stand point.

Anything to free up that priceless hillside acreage with a view...

Mr. Grumpy, I think you got it!

The whole water story doesn't make any sense whatsoever, so if nothing is wrong with our water, what's it all about??

They will resort to just about anything to get that "priceless" view, won't they....even if it means cutting the heart and soul out of our once beloved City of Roses. This time they really worked us over but good!
The City That Works!!

Like I mentioned before, geniuses designed this treasure, our Bull Run Water System including the Reservoirs. Five buffoons can destroy it and other elected officials it seems have been essentially MUM about this. Some can claim there is nothing they can do and some have said that they don't know much about this - why wouldn't they know much about this most basic need, the water rate increases and the rights our community should retain, our water rights? Me thinks they have been told to lay down on this matter.

My perception is a kind of run around thing we have going here. Senator Merkley to have told stakeholders he can only do so much if the city is unwilling, Shaff and Leonard carrying on they will be fined or even jailed if they do not comply? Now the State has primacy?

Tell you what, for clarification here name ONE elected official who has said they will do everything they possibly can to keep our Bull Run System which includes the reservoirs in tact and to save our water and our water rights... if I have overlooked any one inform us. . . and I stand corrected.

Names please –

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