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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New drains for Waterfront Park?

It's been a muddy spring, and the Rose Festival carnival in Portland's Waterfront Park is a sloppy mess as usual. A year ago tomorrow, they actually shut the operation down for a while to dry out, and this year may call for the same.

According to this television news report, "Clearly the waterfront greens need a drainage fix, something that will begin to be more seriously addressed next year." Wonder what that's supposed to mean, and who'll be paying for it.

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Haven't they been saying Waterfront needs better drainage from the first spring/summer it was used?

"and who'll be paying for it"

One of Pushover Saltman's bureaus, no doubt. Or maybe TIF diverted from South Waterfront somehow. Or maybe Randy will just buy the waterfront and declare it Water Bureau property.

But of course the real answer is that we'll be paying for it. Probably through a bond charging 6% interest for 30 years.

Yeah but now Climate Disruption is making things much worse.

The consensus is there needs to be a lot more government employees for planning on plan to fix the problem, short term, long term and for 500 years.

It never rained like this in Portland until Anthropogenic Global Warming kicked into high gear. This is all humankind's fault.

It was torn up and redone with a better-draining base layer several years ago. Don't bitch too loud about it because they'll just decide it needs to be artificial turf. It's either that or move the dates to August, or suck it up.

Yes, it was torn up several years ago with increased slopes, drain tile systems, irrigation and all, for the same problem. We spent over $1.5 Million. Why do we need to do it again? Oh, it's another way for Leonard to scarf off some tax dollars to any of his pet projects. More bioswales in the park for sure.

It was NEVER a problem when Waterfront Park was Harbor Drive.

I blame the bike Nazis/environmentalists that demanded that the freeway be removed, and now we have an annual swamp.

Of course, all of downtown Portland was a swamp, when all the smart residents in our region lived in Indian tribes in what is now Washington or Clackamas Counties and the White men settled at the Hudson Bay Company's Fort Vancouver.

The local TV news is referring to this as the Rose Festival low since, this pattern is the standard for this time of year.

Move the Rose Festival dates for better weather? Nah, that's flukey.

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