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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Network smells blood on Kroger

This is pretty funny. Now the ultimate Old Boy of Oregon, Dave Frohnmayer, wants another Old Boy, John Kitzhaber, to start a criminal investigation of the state's own Justice Department over apparent destruction of e-mail messages by Sean Riddell, the recently resigned criminal chief in the state attorney general's office. Of course, the whole brouhaha started when Frohnmayer's clients, bureaucrats in state's shadowy Energy Department, awarded a highly questionable public contract to Kitzhaber's concubine, Cylvia Hayes. If Governor Retread goes forward with the suggestion, the public will be treated to many more months of Cylviagate -- it will be as if a summer amateur production of The Iliad got extended through the regular theater season.

As much as John Kroger has screwed up as attorney general, the fact that the Old Boys are out to get him makes him almost a little endearing at times.

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No real candidates on the R side, makes you wonder if Dave will be upset enough to run in 2012 for his old job.

Dave can't afford the paycut, and he loathed the commute last time. And now he won't have Jerry Lidz and Melissa Grier and Bill gary with whom to commute.

They can afford the pay cut a whole lot less than Dave.

Your instincts are correct all the way around on this one jack. Don't let up..

...notwithstanding my various grammatical and punctuation errors.

Elephant Talk

And, yes, hectoring.

Perfect response Mojo


Lesson # 1 - Do not mess wth FoN (friends of NeilG like Mark Long's father)

Even if Kroger is lousy, Cylvia and Mark Long walking scot-free reeks.

Lesson # 2 - Do not mess with public employee unions. I am holding my breath Kitz can get some kind of education reform pushed thru.

Is it possible that the Oregon DOE violated some federal rule / law by suggesting that the Washington firm that won the bid should hire on Hayes firm?

Have to wonder in 2011, why this DOJ attorney couldn't just move the e-mails to a Cylviagate folder. As an attorney in a high profile public investigation, he had to know deleting anything official was risky at best, and illegal at worst. "Hey IT guy, just a short inquiry, before I delete all these e mails (or empty my trash folder), do you guys maintain a back up file for my e mail account? " ...Not that hard to do, unless you don't want to. But, you know, this thing has gotten so nasty it's hard to tell what is true and what is attorney spin. "What? They're throwing fast balls back at us? We're the DOJ for God's sake! They can't do that!" Your reap what you sow.

Dave is Neil's bag-boy who carried his water all the way past the end. The quote Dave gave the Oregonian when WWeek exposed Neil was priceless, even if the best part of the article was the phrase 'consensual affair with a teenager'.

It's a veritable mud wrestling match between two sleazeballs. Pass the popcorn.

Re: "Network smells blood on Kroger"

Remind me, please, was the Network pleased with Mr Kroger's disposal of allegations of criminal behavior by this city's divisive, alleged mayor?

Gardiner Menefree,
I imagine the network was pleased as long as the Mayor handed out "proper perks."


Remember the Michael Franke murder "investigation." Dave Frohnmayer was AG then, too. And that was real blood.

The Network needs degaussed. No more incumbents and no more retreads.

No more incumbents and no more retreads.

People need to wake up to this. . . and to pay very close attention that any new names cropping up will not be continuing the negative agenda.


Well put, Mojo!

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