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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fukushima in a nutshell

A writer on this highly informative bulletin board about the meltdown at Fukushima in Japan sums up the current situation pretty well:

three reactors with probably completely melted cores, all fuel pools hot, some probably damaged, some filled with debris, corium creeping around and probably eating its way through various levels and pipes, the building structures are cracked, damaged terribly and leaking like fish nets, the water table looks to be in jeopardy, there's leakage into the ocean, there are periodic smokes that disperse radioactivity hither and yon, and nobody seems to really know what to do about it. Oh, and they're not being careful of their workers, to say nothing of the people of Japan or the international community.
And the drama will continue for many years. Agriculture for hundreds of miles around the plant has been gravely wounded, tourism to the country is in the tank, a large "dead" zone will remain for generations (including the coastal waters), beaches will soon be closed to, and shunned by, vacationers, the country faces a permanent energy crisis, earthquakes continue to roll in several times a day, and there's no telling how much more radioactivity will be spilled and belched by the meltdown.

The claims that "it's not as bad as Chernobyl," foolish to begin with, will seem downright quaint in a few years' time.

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I'll always be a little ticked off at the pro-nuclear crowd who used this unspeakable tragedy for the People of Japan as a chance to rush forward and act as industry P.R. clowns. Their lack of analytical skills coupled with their stunning trust in government and corporate interests, will always be a sickening reminder of the sheep factor that threatens the human species.
Beyond being a heartbreaking disaster this was also a case study in how governments and corporations lie their way through a crisis. The pathetic shills who didn't get it, not only embarrassed themselves, but continue to threaten the fabric of our civilization.
I wish, in the next crisis, they would simply make a sheep sound and move on.

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