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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cylviagate ending with a whimper

Another one of John Kroger's high-profile, big, bad investigations goes nowhere, according to the O and WW. Between this, the Sam Adams free pass, and the recent botch of an important criminal case, Oregonians must be wondering whether his re-orientation of the state Justice Department into a criminal prosecution shop is anything more than a blizzard of press releases. Kroger's up for re-election next year.

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Wonder how much the ensuing litigation's going to cost us.

I think we've already been taken to the cleaners with multiple sets of attorney's fees, and the fun has just begun.

Bring back Hardly "Matters" Meyers. This guy is cut from the same cloak as Elliot Spitzer, namely, string a few happless characters up and thump your AG chest. If it's Macpherson and Kroger, we desperately need to add a line item on the ballot for "none-of-the-above."

Out of state folks, we'll trade you Kroger for even the loser opposite Perry Mason. Please. Help us.

Look's like Kroger's governor prospects are dropping into Randy Leonard territory.

Glad to see things haven't changed no matter who gets in office.

Forgive me, but remind me again why we have an AG or an auditor.

"If it's Macpherson and "

If it helps, the public employee unions will NEVER let MacPherson hold office of any kind in Oregon.

Kroger acts like he's still chasing ENRON for the Feds with an unlimited budget and no need to bother with such pedestrian concepts as prosecutorial discretion. The slash and burn attitude seems to have infected his subordinates as well, judging from the cases referenced in your post. Declining to prosecute, or negotiating a civil compromise doesn't attract media attention or votes, but it is still an important part of his job managing Justice Dept. resources. His credibility and that of the Department is suffering from these self inflicted wounds. He needs to find a different gear.

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