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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Use your imagination

Here's a scary story out of NoPo. Two young men robbed a North Lombard Street convenience store in broad daylight and shot the clerk, even though she had opened the till. They caused school lockdowns, and they're still out there.

And the description of the guys who did this? Well, um... they're around 19 years old... that is all.

Comments (4)

Hmmmm, I imagine they are...

Well, lets just let the other news outlets do the imaginationing for us.

"Officers are looking for two suspects who took off on foot to the south, likely on N. Mobile Avenue. They didn't have much information about the suspects, although Ross was able to tell police they are black men in their late teens."

Thank you KATU... when it matters to Oregonians, don't look in the Oregonian (or KGW either).

O.k., we have an age and a skin color. Does a cigarette store not have a security camera?

The media in Portland is so utterly pathetic about "offending" anyone. Here in Reno, the local newspapers and TV stations seem to have no such issues about identifying criminals ethnic backgrounds and if they just happen to be here illegally.

It's those darned Amish again!

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