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Monday, May 16, 2011

Reader poll: Who will be pro hoops champs?

My buddy Dwight Jaynes is picking Miami over Dallas in the NBA Finals as the league semi-finals get under way. What do you think?

Who will win the NBA Finals?
Chicago over Dallas
Chicago over Oklahoma City
Dallas over Miami
Dallas over Chicago
Miami over Oklahoma City
Miami over Dallas
Oklahoma City over Chicago
Oklahoma City over Miami
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Comments (9)

I'm going to call Dwight wrong, but not out of loyalty to the Mavs. I suspect that the Mavs are going to win for the same reason the Texas Rangers got so far in the World Series last year. Namely, we Dallasites are in love with (a) any local team that isn't named "Cowboys", and (b) any local team named after Dallas that's actually based in Dallas. You should see how crazy people are going: it's like watching the Chicago Cubs make it to the Series.

Chicago in 7 over Dallas. Guaranteed.

Conference Finals and Finals will all go to seven games. Youth will win over experience.

Tough call.

All four remaining teams are tough and fun to watch.
Great series the rest of the way.

I don't think the Finals start for another 6-12 weeks, as the conference finals started this week.

Chicago vs OKC
Stern wants Rose & Durant

Canucks and Bruins in the final, with the Canucks winning The Cup in 6.

Best thing about the NBA Playoffs: The repeated use of James Brown's song,"Superbad". Most obvious thing about the playoffs: Win or lose, basketball fans are now living in the age of Kevin Durant. When he came off the court after Game 7 against Memphis he raised one fist in a power salute. Did you see that? It was like seeing that timeless sports moment from the Olympics and it seemed fitting rather than pretenious. He's becoming one of those athletes that matter in a way that transcends the game. He's got soul and he's Superbad.

Gatorade's ad gurus scored a major hit by resurrecting "Super Bad," one of James's funkiest. Everybody in the band gets a piece of that off note -- is it a seventh? Bootsy and his brother Catfish are totally workin' it. The Godfather in his prime: "I jump back! I wanna kiss myself... Watch me! I got it... Blow, Robert! Blow me some 'Trane, brother!" What a day in Nashville.

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