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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Telling Headline of the Year

"Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden visiting Portland"

It's like they always say: Every now and then, visit where you vote.

UPDATE, 7:37 p.m.: We see that the Oregonian has now scrubbed that headline -- hilariously. Just for the record, here's what it said before they changed it:

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Adams chimed in with a similar message.

"All of our local efforts will be washed away" if federal support of local police efforts to fight gangs is further eroded," said Adams.

Our local efforts have been washed away since Adams has washed the money away into pet projects, the stadium, sending every possible dollar he can to the Milwaukie Light Rail, more and more bike perks, instead of to this problem.

Wonder what the local police think about all that money going to special interests instead of to a healthy community?

Is Ron's wife going to rearrange the books at the library?
Has she ever??? "visited" Portland?

He needs to pick up a few last things and say goodbye to some friends before he turns in the apartment keys and heads for New York.

Yep Wyden is in town helping Adams pass the buck and blame the crime problem on fed funding.

"All of our local efforts will be washed away" if federal support of local police efforts to fight gangs is further eroded," said Adams.

The gang violence is no mystery or fed problem.
Local police will tell you that when
the problem is prioritized and gets the attention and resources it should the problem subsides.

Adams is a dishonest fool who is knowingly leaving the gang problem beneath his interests and other priorities.

Among many other defects the Creepy Mayor has horible judgement.

Leonard the same.

Fritz thinks criminals are just misunderstood and need counseling.

Sen. Wyden has an accepted offer on his condo as of April 14th. Assuming it closes, he won't have a domicile in the state of Oregon. I thought that was a requirement for office.

I'll bet his neighbors on either side of his condo are angry. They had no noise coming from his place for years.

Yep Wyden is in town helping Adams...

and these insider workers sure do help each other out. Ever hear a negative word from those in this group about another? Do they take a blood oath?

OK Blue Oregon come on in, surely you must know that many D's have betrayed us, but not a word? I am not an R either but this "loyal" club business is destroying the fabric of our country and our local scene.

Example: What say you about Wyden and Blumenauer on not stepping up to save our Bull Run Water System, it is your pocketbook and drinking water too!!

It might be telling if that's what it actually said.

That is exactly what it said (minus a comma) before they changed it -- no doubt because Wyden's people complained about it. The O are such call girls.

Has been nearly 24 hours since the challenge to Blue Oregon folks to justify their loyalty to the D's regarding not standing up to save our Bull Run Water System.

There is still no answer, which is all we need to know apparently.

Senator Merkley as written about in the April 2011 SE Examiner article, re: stakeholders November meeting to discuss Portland's open reservoirs.

Merkley noted that Commissioner Leoanrd had never spoken with him about the reservoirs.
Stating a political reality, Senator Merkley advised that he was not able to assist the community if the City was unwilling to act. Many community organizations, environmental groups, businesses, neighborhood coalitions and others have told the City that it is time to act in support of community will.

So, my challenge to Blue Oregon folks if they do not want to respond here then is to ask all the D's why they are so very silent on this matter?

Is your loyalty worth the 85% water rate increase in 5 years, worth drinking added toxic chemicals in your water?

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