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Friday, April 29, 2011

Nothing from nothing leaves nothing

The Portland City Council has unanimously passed something or other about the FBI terrorism task force deal. The city's not rejoining the task force (despite erroneous headlines to the contrary), but it might participate if it wants to.

To us, it seems that "Legend" Dan Saltzman got outvoted, backed down, and is declaring a Vietnam victory. Is that a fair assessment?

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The city council can delude themselves all they want but there is much justified laughter and ridicule aimed at them at FBI headquarters.
Even the rank and file Portland Police have no confidence in or respect for these clowns.

I wonder why the union doesn't conduct a secret ballot confidence vote.

Can delude themselves? I thought they were permanently delusional.

I think this looks like a (surprising) temporary win for the City. Holton just a few weeks ago was roundly critical of Portland's demands, calling them unworkable. Now, all of a sudden, he's calling the agreement "a huge victory." That looks to me like higher-ups in DOJ decided they had had enough stories about whether the FBI voilates civil rights all the time, or just sometimes. I think they told Holton to just get it done, get it out of the press, and they could quietly use PPB officers to do their bidding sometime in the future.

Beautiful! Today's first laugh for me.

Creepy's 4 page resolution states that the "Commissioner-in-Charge of PPB will seek clearance at the Secret level"---which is referring to himself and that the Chief of police will seek Top Secret level clearance. This seems like a farce of an agreement as the question of Creepy passing the secret level vetting should be a resounding NO. Having perused the FBI website, it looks like Creepy would be a bad risk as they look at bankruptcies, personal relationships... that would show Creepy to be a high risk and unworthy at any level.

Here's a thought...

Is Portland a designated honeypot, an intentional flytrap? I mean, pick a place that's intrinsically attractive but basically expendable, a place that's not really that important to the nation as a whole, either economically, intellectually, or culturally. Then cultivate an environment that attracts the hardliner liberal fascists, the new urbanists, the pedal power nazis, the anarchists, the malcontents, the revolutionaries, the hopeless dreamers, the stoners, the America haters, the religion haters, i.e, all the misanthropes, etc, into a place where they feel safe in their bubble of arrogance. All the undesirable and unproductive eggs in one basket, so to speak.

Then all the FBI has to do is sit back and keep an eye on things while keeping a low profile.

With which FBI will local elected and appointed individuals be negotiating? Perhaps the unreformed FBI that subsidized "Whitey" Bulger, inter alia, in Boston for so many years and has not been able to locate him for nearly two decades:

"...why did so many Boston FBI agents used to eat dinner with the archfiend (and his fellow serial killer Whitey Bulger) every Sunday night at Stevie ['The Rifleman' Flemmi]'s mom’s house in South Boston?"

the hardliner liberal fascists [sic], the new urbanists, the pedal power nazis [sic], the anarchists, the malcontents, the revolutionaries, the hopeless dreamers, the stoners, the America haters, the religion haters, i.e, all the misanthropes

You've just described at least 95 percent of the American population, including yourself. I don't think they'd all fit in one city.

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