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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Japanese nukes in biggest disgrace so far

As of last week, the Japanese government increased the amount of radiation that children are allowed to be exposed to. It used to be 1 millisievert a year. Now that that number is too inconvenient, it's been increased to 20 millisieverts a year.

20 millisieverts a year is what international experts recommend as the maximum that a nuclear power plant worker or nuclear medicine worker be exposed to in a year, if he or she is going to be working in the industry for five years. The international standard for adults in the general public is 1 millisievert per year.

Children are much more vulnerable to the damaging effects of ionizing radiation, particularly cancers, than adults are. Now kindergarten kids in Japan are allowed to get as much radiation as nuclear power plant workers in Germany, just by being alive and going to school.

That, friends, is nothing short of criminal.

Maybe Portlanders ought to get together and adopt a few families from the Fukushima area, and let them move here to get their kids away from a future that's already bad and is likely to get worse. We're surprised we haven't heard of such an effort yet.

Comments (6)

I doubt if any Japanese families would come to the US.
Those that I know about, with family in the Portland area, have refused so far.

Sara DeCair, a health physicist with the EPA, and Lisa P. Jackson, Head Administrator of the EPA, criminally plan on making Americans safer as well. The plan is to raise the Protective Action Guides(PAGs) here. All done with a few strokes at the keyboards and complete with a smiley face emoticon.


Pardon my language, but that is just fuk'd up.

This has "dirty bomb" written all over it! What is the material emitting this ionizing radiation? I didn't read carefully, but I did not see what the element is! There is some serious lack of facts here.

Same old, same old,
just changing the numbers is an "easier" solution to the problem...just makes us all feel safer, doesn't it?
What is wrong with people, if you tell others this, they look at you with disbelief?

...but the EPA wants to protect us from non-existent eepies in our water? Did I fall through a looking-glass?

(How long 'til the firemen come to torch our books?)

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