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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blazers bounce back

Portland's pro hoops team won its first home playoff game against the Dallas Mavericks tonight, narrowing the Mavs' series edge to 2-games-to-1. Several of the Blazers who hadn't been heard from much in the first two contests, in Dallas, showed up at home and played quite well. And Brandon Roy, his drama queen moment behind him, gave a fine performance. Wesley Matthews came out in the first quarter shooting the lights out, and he ended up with 25 points to lead Portland.

The Blazers must now win three games out of four, which is better than the four games out of five they needed as of this afternoon. But two of those four games ahead are scheduled for Dallas, and so the odds against Portland are still awfully long. We're hoping and rooting for the best -- go Blazers! -- but not betting the farm on it.

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I went on at length the other day about Dirk Nowitzki's freethrow shooting and my Degree of Unusualness Theory. Well, tonight Dirk shot 57% from the line.
But I know how to regroup. I explain this by the Degree of Unusualness of Freethrow Guy.

I liked Chris Johnson as the secret weapon. Finally, Nate thinks outside the box! Give that kid whatever minutes Patty Mills would otherwise get.

Does Nate get the credit for the win?

As someone sitting behind me at the game said about Chris Johnson "what's not to like about him? He's seven foot tall and healthy." We also agreed he has just a bit of toughness/edge/nastiness, note the block of Dirk's shot.

"Does Nate get credit for the win?"

I didn't see his name in the box score.

Watching Barea flop all night was a bit obnoxious but at least he didn't a lot of calls.

"... didn't GET a lot of calls."

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