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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oregon's lazy media

Here's a completely one-sided, uncritical warming-over of an advertising brochure by the Daily Journal of Commerce. Even if the reporter accepts the party line, the least she could have done was talk to someone about whether anyone else will buy it.

Meanwhile, the supposedly hard-hitting independent "reporter" on the Metro government payroll couldn't have written a puffier puff piece than this. Apparently neither Metro nor its outgoing CEO has any critics or skeptics. On with the Convention Center hotel!

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"People embedded in a department truly felt they knew better than the elected officials what the community needed and wanted, and would not necessarily comply with the policy direction if they disagreed with it," Jordan said.

Is that really over? I'm skeptical. All planners tend to be evangelists.

Jack that was more then a puff piece! I'm breathing hard and giddy all over!
What a "Happy ending!" Nick has found his groove!

An small Oregon company, NuScale Power also has a new, safer reactor and they're based in Corvallis. Read about them for yourself and decide.


Good for Nuscale!
Everyone in the world can now have a nuclear accident waiting to happen in the privacy and convenience of their own home or office. So go ahead put one of those in your! back yard...but don't move next door, or anywhere within a 200 mile radius to me, please!
Rogues, liars and thieves...everyone on them!

Today, most local News folks are hoping to eventually land a Media Contact job with a government agency so don't look for any exposé that would work contrary to those goals.

Thanks for the link, Jack!


That's pretty much how you would have written it as a newspaper reporter, right?

If I had time I would re-write it with reality applied and put Metro and you in your place.

Which is not a good place.

Ben- Regardless of where you work, when you're interviewing folks on a recap of someone's career, it's hard to find people eager to on record trashing or questioning them on their way out the door - especially when they're moving to a more prominent position.

My story reflected the attitudes of people both inside and outside the building, on and off the record. Could it have been better? You bet. But reporting is never perfect, no matter whose payroll a reporter is on.

"Could it have been better? You bet. But reporting is never perfect, no matter whose payroll a reporter is on."

Oh brother.

Nick I didn't say YOU should have written it differently.
You had no choice and I'm sure it is exactly how it was intended as a Metro press release.
Naturally, it had to omit any and all critical context, objectivity or accurate analysis while crafting the nifty history lesson to fit the narrative.

"Thanks to him, all's swell at Metro as Jordan departs"!

Metro is a crooked and incompetent as all the other government agencies around these parts. It should be eliminated, but it never will be since it is so entrenched.

I guess the old saying is true: "They may call me a shill, but at least they call me!"

MJ Ya think?

This is why I don't link to Metropolitan Service District articles.

Thanks for the link, Jack!

It seems silly to feed the beast.


How clueless do you have to be to believe that you are anything less than a PR shill for Metro?

Look, you could have gone back to the urban/rural reserves debate, or any other issue and pulled up issues surrounding Jordan. Did you do that? Nope.

Fine, write your fluffy pieces for Metro, that none of us in the media are going to run or pay attention to -- but don't try to claim you are still a journalist. You aren't.

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