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Friday, March 25, 2011

He gets more like Bush every day

It's uncanny.

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There's no need to insult President Bush.

What was more awkward was when a staffer inside called 911 to report a man trying to get in the house.

Meanwhile, in real news...

What's holding back the publishers' books making money off these gaffs.

The main difference is that Obama went to another door after he found the first one locked. He didn't stand there making goofy faces the way Butt-Head did.


According to the O, Herr Mayor Creepy is headed off to a trade mission; oh that we could just as easily lock the doors and keep him out.

Just a marketing antic to make this one more personable.
Some WH pr wag got his stopwatch going - tick-tock waiting for viral status. Gotcha again America.

There are a lot of similarities between the policies of the Bush and Obama regimes, but there are a world of differences between the oratorical skills of the two. Here is a mash-up of a Bush press conference to prove the point.

At least his name isn't John McCain.

Where is Henry Gates when you need him?

"At least his name isn't John McCain"

No kidding.

If it were President McCain GITMO would still be open, we'd still be fighting multiple wars for oil and the budget deficit would be bigger than ever.

Instead GITMO is in a long process of closing, we're fighing three kinetic military humanitarian operations and we've invested trillions in stimulous and recovery progeams.

It was a joke. The doors weren't locked. Try and imagine a scenario where the President--with a security staff of dozens and a domestic staff of dozens more--were suddenly, mysteriously, not knowing where the president was. The president doesn't "show up unannounced" to the White House.


Sneaking out for a Newport.

"Sneaking out for a Newport."

And I hear there are plans for indoor plumbing.

Pro-whaling and nuclear power (in addition to other odious things) - what a disappointment.

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