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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What's in a name?

Back in Fort Wayne, Indiana, it is a sack of woe.

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There is a Sam Adams joke in there somewhere....

I recently got a letter at work from a law firm named Low Ball & Lynch!

That rivals the C.A. Butt building on SE Milwaukie.

Here's a funny one. Back in North Dakota there's a law firm named Lies & Bullis. Pretty good down-to-earth lawyers, though.

Here in Oregon, government is up to the challenge.

Please tell me it's served by the South Lake Union Trolley - "Ride the SLUT to Harry Baalls!"

I think they should honor Harry by naming the new City Hall "Berry Halls". It's on Berry Street, after all.

I knew of a slumlord in Boston in the 70s who got rent checks made out to Harry Franks (and no I am not making that up). His tenants sometimes called him hairy hotdogs.

Whoever voted for that name must be nuts.

Harvard University has named Halls and Houses after most of its past presidents, but has, for a similar reason to the one in the story, not got around to honoring former Harvard president Edward Hoare, not even with the innocuous "Hoare Hall."

"At least people are having fun with government"

When will this start to happen in Portlandia?

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