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Saturday, February 12, 2011

View from the street

Here's an idea about how to curb drug trafficking in Portland's Old Town: Put some food carts, a couple of cops, and some mental health outreach workers on the affected streets. Sounds worth a try.

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Yeah but it won't happen because the weasels don't benefit from it. Though Kickstarter would be a perfect way to find a cart or two if they'd locate in that area and had to agree to stay there for some time period.

I meant to say fund a cart not find a cart.

All of the above. Put real cops on the foot beat. Get them out of their cars. Arrest the drug dealers. Get rid of the private, Segway-riding, faux-po who don't deter crime.

Entitlements can cause unintended problems.

Entitlements can cause unintended problems.

This is just so true. I mean, when did an overpaid CEO ever get into any kind of trouble or do anything socially unacceptable? Or wait. Maybe David is thinking of people like Hosni Mubarak. But I think the problems he caused were intended, no? I'm a little confused.

I'm a little confused.

Not to mention confusing.

But, then I'm sure the most important person in the room gets it.

To answer Allan's question:
"...when did an overpaid CEO ever get into any kind of trouble or do anything socially unacceptable?"

Here are the ones I remember by name (with details from Wiki):

Mark Hurd (Fired by HPQ for sexual harrassment)

Lee Kozlowski (Tyco, jailed for theft)

Jeff Skilling (Enron, jailed for fraud, scheduled for release in 2028)

Andrew Fastow (Enron/fraud)

Bernie Ebbers (Worldcome CEO, first eligible for parole in 2028)

Martha Stewart (MSO CEO)

I can name four Congressman without Wiki or Google. We don't catch all the bad apples, but we do catch the most prolific.

Allan may be confused simply because we don't prosecute corruption and fraud in Oregon. Not if you're friends with Goldy.

Mister Tee - I think there is selective prosecution of corporate execs by the Feds. Because for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, I see no prosecutions. I see no prosecutions for Wall Street and its unconscionable rip-offs of investors (selling stock up and then using hedge funds for themselves). I see no prosecutions for the theft of honest services (since the feds seem to think this is an actionable criminal charge at least when they feel like it) by all those bank execs who irresponsibly loaned money and then needed bail-outs and for the illegal foreclosures (stuff in the news on that this past week) they've been involved in.

If you have the right friends or have held the right federal jobs you are safe.

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