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Monday, February 14, 2011

Stacey caves; it looks like Babs for Metro

He says he'll run for the seat when it opens up next year. Sounds as though the rest of the commission will be less than thrilled if he makes it.

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He can talk to Steve Novick about how one occupies their time between running for whatever office happens to be open.

Stacey released another message to supporters later:

"Dear Supporters: I spent a million bucks, but the voters didn't want me. Now, I tried to sneak in to the vacant Liverty sear--but the council doesn't want me. So, I'll keep trying anyway, dangit; I'm going to line up a bunch of money--again--and continue my desperate bid to get a public sector job by letting voters decide (even though they already did). I'm just sure that *next* time, I'll be the front runner.I hope. Because really--who's gonna hire me? Sincerely, Bob Stacey. PS: If you hear of another cool public sector job, please let me know."

Props to "the other white meat!"

other white meat -


And did you notice, Stacey's message to his supporter is almost identical to the message from Karol Collymore
after she lost the Mult County Commissioner race back in November?

So many Portland wanna be pols all desperate to s get or stay on the government payroll.

Feels like maybe METRO just wants the prestige of having a former governor on board, but since Roberts endorsed Bob in the election, I'm sure she's on the right side. But come 2012, I'll be back volunteering for Bob's campaign.

Yes, give Babs another pension. Then give Stacey another one too. It's all musical chairs. Out of 3.8 million citizens you'd think we don't have to rely on the revolving hundred to give us what were getting. About anyone could do better than what we're getting.

There should be turn limits on this lifeless parade -- like your stomach. Once or twice is enough. They're like hairballs. Gaakkk!

We should organize an Egyptian style protest around metro challenging them to appoint a non insider.

I'm with John Benton on this one--and I wouldn't just stop at Metro, either. Demand Mayor Creepy's resignation, too.

Actually, for awhile, I've wanted to look into getting a Metro charter amendment onto the ballot. One could, theoretically, get Metro out of the planning racket just by cleanly extricating a single chapter.

One could, theoretically, get Metro out of the planning racket just by cleanly extricating a single chapter.

Excising, Doc, excising.

GREAT idea.

Specifically, the part to which I refer is Section 5 (Regional Planning Functions) under Chapter II. If that were removed, Metro's authority would basically be restricted to things like the zoo and waste disposal.

However, it does appear they have the authority to take over TriMet by ordinance, through Section 7, Item #4. That probably needs to go away as well.

The full text of the charter can be found here, by the way:


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