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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SoWhat neighbors win a round on immigation jail

Fireman Randy must be beside himself, but apparently he's outvoted, at least for now. We are proud to have played a role in blowing the whistle on that particular stinker.

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Congratulations, Jack. Now, Homeland Security wants your passport.

Cool, now they'll move it out next to the poor people! Buying a condo means never having to look at someone unpleasant.

Those folks at the MiraBella have money and connections. Fireman Randy better watch out!

Thanks Jack for highlighting the info that has been coming your way. The Jail is still not over, as you probably suspect. The parents of the Charter School next door are getting more organized and that may help.

Now we need more highlighting of the facts concerning the Lake Oswego trolley. There's a few in the Johns Landing area claiming that the whole neighborhood is behind it. But there hasn't been a vote of the neighborhood nor a survey. How do they know? But that's how they testified at the Lakewood Center hearing.

because everyone knows the first place an escaped crook is gonna go is to the condo right across the street...

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