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Friday, February 25, 2011

Coal terminal in Longview would be a whopper

And its proponents have apparently told a few. [Via KATU.]

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Please tell me again why Portland needs a coal shipping facility at Hayden Island?

The Port of Portland now says Hayden Island won't be for coal. What it will be for, nobody's saying. Maybe importing of those evil cars.

Close the mills (eg Blue Heron Paper); block any new shipping faclilities or mills; stop all logging. Then we'll all ride bikes made in China and carry reusable bags (made in China from oil) working at a minimum wage job (or running a food cart taking home less than minimum wage.) We'll save so much money that it will be easy to pay those early retirees of the police and fire bureaus their big pensions. The more affluent can go by streetcar.

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