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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fireman Randy's biodiesel dream fizzles

Portland has pretty much dropped its plan to require all diesel fuel sold in the city to be 10 percent biodiesel. It was such a genius idea -- I can't imagine what went wrong. But don't worry, folks, the city's trucks are still running on biodiesel -- and you're no doubt still paying through the nose for it.

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No happy ending?

These people are just brilliant!

"Leonard promises benefits
With one fell swoop, Leonard says he has come up with a way to better the environment, set a bold national precedent, boost the statewide economy and bridge the gap between Portland and Eastern Oregon."

And sleepy Ted was similar brilliance: http://blog.oregonlive.com/politics/2007/07/kulongoski_signs_biofuels_legi.html

It would really be great if putzes like Firehose Brain Randy and Sleepy Ted were required to take a course in basic economics before being allowed to piss away scarce public dollars.

That is good news. The entire biodiesel industry in Oregon and SW Washington begged him not to move forward two years ago when he was converting Water Bureau trucks. City Fleet cannot find local product and has the fuel shipped from CA (or some other state) and paying well over $7 a gallon for it.

Randy promised new jobs for Oregonians because of this move. We continue to pay for overpriced grease that causes the trucks to break down frequently.

Leonard also "greased" Madison Farms with a Water Bureau "in-kind subsidy" to get biodiesel program going. That was when he was going to run for Governor and wanted east side votes. Firehose Brain-Trust Randy....indeed.

Idiots. What is wrong with these morons? What is wrong with the people of Portland that keep electing them? I actually took the time to email Leonard after reading this. What a bunch of imbeciles. Seriously, the lack of any sense among these jerks is stunning. No wonder people are leaving Portland en masse.

They keep this insanity up and unfortunately more and more may have to leave.

Me thinks the wrong ones are leaving.
Just put 5 citizens in there to take care of basics and be prudent and maybe, just maybe, some of this could be straightened out. Some matters will turn out to be like a humpty dumpty never to put back together again.

These officials making unwise decisions that negatively impact us need to stop the agenda and evaluate, but then if they were truly capable of doing that, it would have been done.

Another very poor energy in/energy out ratio and adding in the costs for conversion and maintenance, even poorer ROI.

But Greasy deals are Randy's favorite meal.

Hey Randy:

How many Ford engines did the City of Portland blow up so far?

"We designed this deal to not only to create biodiesel for Portlanders to burn, but also to benefit Oregon farmers," Leonard said. "Portlanders will pay more for an Oregon-grown product that they can burn in their cars. "It's a perfect relationship."

Sure it is Randy.....

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