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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Piling on

We've got the last of this week's pro football underdogs set up: The Giants are worth 3 at Green Bay, and the Vikings are worth 14.5 at Philadelphia. That leaves the slate for the week in our charity underdog game as follows:

14.5 MINNESOTA at Philadelphia
14 CAROLINA at Pittsburgh (Thursday, 5:20 PM PST)
7.5 BUFFALO vs. New England
7 WASHINGTON at Jacksonville
7 CINCINNATI vs. San Diego
6.5 ARIZONA vs. Dallas (Saturday, 4:30 PM PST)
6 SEATTLE at Tampa Bay
5 TENNESSEE at Kansas City
3.5 DETROIT at Miami
3 CLEVELAND vs. Baltimore
3 OAKLAND vs. Indianapolis
3 DENVER vs. Houston
3 NEW YORK GIANTS at Green Bay
2.5 NEW ORLEANS at Atlanta
2 SAN FRANCISCO at St. Louis
1 NEW YORK JETS at Chicago

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