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Monday, December 13, 2010

Cha-ching! Another $1 million for Homer Williams in SoWhat

If you ever want to see how tainted local government is in Portland, you don't have to look much further than this story. As if Homer Williams hasn't already looted the city treasury enough -- now he's going to rake in a cool million on some low-income housing project in the SoWhat district that he isn't even building. On land that he sold the city for $5 million, and which the city is now giving away for $1. Truly mind-boggling.

I hope some day we learn what Williams knows or has that puts the city's politicians at his mercy. Back where I grew up, wiseguys like this don't last too long unless they have some pretty heavy protection behind them.

In any event, this is what you get when the city puts patsy types of the Erik Sten ilk out front to get all preachy about low-income housing. Homer eats them alive. He gets his millions up front, and the low-income get the housing, sort of. Some day. Maybe.

Go by streetcar!

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Have faith - City COuncil honestly believes that Homer, G-E and Malsin are the ONLY people in town who know what they are doing.

More importantly a comment on the avg IQ of City Council and PDC. God, how sad.

Reach and the PDC have been in bed together for 25 years.
Nothing to see here folks. Keep moving please.

What a crock!! Affordable units that cost $240K each!

Without our crazy land use laws, that amount of money would but a 2000 sq ft home on a 1/4 acre lot. And have money left over!

Then there is the flawed concept of putting low income people in a rich area. Where are the low priced restaurants? Low cost grocery stores? Low cost shops? Low cost entertainment? But city planners don’t care about these real world details because they lie in a fantasy world.


The buy-it-for-$5-million-sell-it-back-for-$1 deal should have put three to five people in jail all by itself. Chicago with hills and rain.

A) One of the functions of government is to tell people what they can and can't do
B) The primary purpose of big businesses is to makes lots of money

A + B = 'urban planning'

Jack, it is even worse than the numbers you give on Homer's scam. He bought Block 49 for $1.6 Million then sells it for $5 Million in a down market. Go figure.

And I forgot to mention that Homer also retains the full FAR/Heights rights to the property since it is not being built out to it's potential 250 ft. height/FAR. So he can sell or use those rights somewhere else in the city. Plus, like you mention, when he was "negotiating" with PDC for Block 49 and got exclusive development and builder rights in the deal, in a URAC meeting it was asked if this was a good deal for the taxpayers of Portland. No reply from PDC staff-carry on.

Joisey and Stumptown got their instruction laid on them as it rolled downhill from D.C., where every politician goes NOwhere until institutional blackmailers have some dossier juice and a character-assassination choke-collar on him or her. You know the extortion institutions, (the familiar household names of Departments, Bureaus and Agencies), but no one may publicize or know the crimes or sociopathies, because ... well, admitting it then wouldn't be coercive anymore, would it? (See: JFK murder, Gulf of Tonkin hoax, MLK murder, 1980 October Surprise, Iran-Contra / BCCI / Cocaine Import Activity, Monica Lewinsky, Nine-Eleven Op, anthrax murders, Touch-the-TV vote fraud, Guckert etc.)

Meanwhile the average hostaged man-on-Main-Street mumbling aloud knows all about all of it. But he doesn't dare do or post a word of it lest he lose his job or mortgage ... or more. Homer 'knows' Paulson maybe, just sayin' ... mumble mumble.

" One of the functions of government is to tell people what they can and can't do."

Try this: Incoming GOP Financial Services Chairman: Washington’s Role Is ‘To Serve The Banks’, By Pat Garofalo, ThinkProgress.org, Dec 13th, 2010

Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-AL) ... said he brings a “main street” perspective to the committee, as opposed to Wall Street. “In Washington, the view is that the banks are to be regulated, and my view is that Washington and the regulators are there to serve the banks,” he said.
Alabama: Home of the 'Southern Strategy' for the new century. What would bankers bet on the BCS Championship game with Auburn (of Alabama) versus ... anyone? ... probably depends on the point spread ... in Atlantic City (Vegas should faggedaboutit) ... say, did you hear about the BP spill on the Gulf coast cover-up? it's a long way from Portland though ... oops, gotta go

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