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Friday, December 17, 2010

Buck-a-Hit Day finishes with $8,682 for worthy causes

It's been a wonderful day and a groovy evening, and our eighth annual Buck-a-Hit Day was a resounding success. We and our sponsors will be sending off $8,682 to our six designated charities over the next week. We've got a bunch of accounting to mess around with, but here is the approximate breakdown of our donations, with matches and all included:

Oregon Food Bank$3,655
Sisters of the Road$1,123
Children's Heart Foundation$851
Human Solutions$469
Virginia Garcia Clinic$1,102
Ronald McDonald House$1,232
Charity to be named by comment contest winner$250

Amazing. Thank you, one and all.

Comments (9)

Good work.... btw your web hosting provider blocking comcast internet in portland for some reason? I am unable to view your site from our office and we have comcast business class internet and we are not blocking your site but I can browse bojack from home and I also tried at my sisters house and she has comcast internet and your site will not load from her house either.


Just goes to show what one person (or one family) can do to make a difference in the community. Good job Jack and Merry Christmas!

Nice work, Jack. Meaningful.

And Jack did it without any tax increment financing, changing the enterprise zone, or paving over a single acre. Thank you, Jack.

Glad to be of service. Thank YOU.


I look forward to this annual event. We set aside a contribution buggeT about mid year and I always save a sizeaBlechunk to use as a way to invent readers to come to your site and hit a key or two iN the name of charity. There are few peoplE I'd do this for, but you are the exception. THanks ever so much Jack providing a wortHwhile blog that doubles as a conduit for sOme wonderful organizations.

Thank you SO MUCH, Jack! And thanks to all your followers who donated so generously. The board, staff, and especially the guests at our two Portland Ronald McDonald Houses are all very grateful for the incredible outpouring of support. Your kindness will help make the season much happier around here! May your holidays be equally festive. And just a warning, Jack--this year, I'm going to deliver my "official" thank you letter in person...!!! (Tom Soma, Executive Director, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Oregon and Southwest Washington)

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