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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Who knows better about "high-crash corridors"?

Portlanders, take note: The mayor will be out at the intersection of SE 108th and Foster on Friday morning for a "traffic safety event." They're not saying exactly what that entails, but you just picture it, can't you? "Take it from me: When you're driving around buzzed, playing pocket pool, be sure to watch the cars in front of you."

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One might expect a willingness to become a Portland Police Officer would be reason enough for an applicant to fail a psych test.

Anyone know why the city's Bureau of Environmental Services owns the entire south side of that intersection?

BES, really? I wonder what bs scheme he's going to reveal to us this time.
His popularity in that area is probably somewhere in the negative numbers. Sounds like another 'interesting' development to me.

Remember when Tom Potter was used as a 'decoy' pedestrian to trap drivers who didn't stop for pedestrians?

I had the distasteful privilige of seeing Scammy zigzag thru a crosswalk at 1 AM last saturday night as I was leaving work.. Scammy and his "date" may have been heading to another bar in Oldtown...

The big time, whatever, event will most likely be another "no shows" for the Samster. Pouring rain, a high of 46, with possible snow in the lower elevations. But then again, good excuses are a lot better then "we don't know were the heck he was"

Anyone know why the city's Bureau of Environmental Services owns the entire south side of that intersection?

That stretch of Foster is part of my daily commute. BES owns that intersection because there's some sort of Johnson Creek floodplain restoration going on there. It's going to take the better part of the next year. At least that's what the big sign at 108th and Foster says.

My guess is this event has less to do with traffic and more to do with bioswales. Perhaps it's about how traffic will interact with said bioswale.

Meanwhile, there was a spectacular four-car pileup at the entrance to I-205 north at Foster last night. Someone was cruising through there at a high rate of speed. Foster is an interesting drive. The intersection at 108th, however, is far from the funkiest point.

Let's not forget that the Springwater Corridor bike trail intersects with Foster right around there.

Even better, be sure to watch the car behind the one in front of you.

Bean, you're right. I also drive that way every day and there are many worse intersections along foster than that spot. The only thing around that area to worry about is the dancers leaving Tommys a block down the street....

Creepy will be unveiling another program to go with his widely popular leaf removal fee.
Along side of him will be the spokewoman whose last name rhymes with (or at least is spelled similar) to the condition we are living under in this city with him as the mayor.

If it has anything to do with traffic, it'll be another one of his 'improvement to traffic flow' projects by further restricting your ability get to your job or even looking for employment. I.e, 'Smart Living' through engineered unemployment, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and ruin.

Apr 3, 2007

“It’s stark and it’s chilling,” city Commissioner Sam Adams says of the number of accidents causing death and injuries – to drivers and pedestrians – on 82nd and 122nd. “The fact that east Portland has been a more dangerous place for transportation safety is not a new trend. And I can’t believe it’s been allowed to go on as long as it has.”

“People are being killed and injured on our transportation system because it is not engineered to handle the demands” from increasing traffic, Adams says. “You’ve got to have roads that are designed to handle the load.”

Said Adams: “When I see a concentration of injuries and accidents on specific roads, and when I know that with some specific moderate investments … we can reduce deaths from both drivers and pedestrians, I’m going to focus on that.”


Ben - thanks for the bleak reference - and who, Mayor Sammy, has gutted budgets for your frivolous toys, meanwhile, neglecting streets in the entire city. Potholes drivers have to manuever through, no painted lines on the road, and you want us to watch for pedestrians, too???? When I retire, I hope to become as much a PITA as Ben is for Tri-Met!

Sounds like it may getting even more fun out there!


Brilliant idea. And green, too. And blood red.

Are Sam's policies the reason that Portland has some of the highest auto insurance rates in the nation-especially per capita? Couldn't be.

Any day mayor Creepy is not behind the wheel is a traffic safety event.

Does Sam even know how to count higher than 60? I thought that he believed that anything east of 60th Avenue was non-existent, except when it came to collecting taxes.

If he's spending time on 82nd Avenue...I'd be very leery of what his intentions are.

Let me guess: Pedestrian boxes at every intersection. Red ones. With special pavement to capture stormwater runoff.

From the Twitters:

@NickCPDX: Great to see @mayorsamadams in @LentsPDX talking about ped safety. This is, indeed, a crisis. http://yfrog.com/5uia9pj

Who could have guessed...

"Portland Mayor Sam Adams presented new safety banners over the city's 'high-crash corridors' on SE Foster Road today. The banners stretch above the roadway and tell drivers to "see kids" as part of the Portland Bureau of Transportation's work to reduce the number of crashes on city streets."

But...don't street banners usually distract drivers?

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