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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Warnings and Precautions

When you first become an Oregonian, someone should take you aside the way the pharmacist does, when you pick up a new prescription, and give you some important advice: Always read the state and local political news with food -- crackers or a small meal, at least. It cuts down the nauseous feeling you can sometimes develop.

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Gee, I always thought that Barbara Roberts was Oregon's dumbest governor. He really fooled me.

The voters get what they deserve.

This does not surprise me in the least. I'm just shocked she didn't get a more choice plum from Dr. Rerun, but then again it is very early in "Quest for Infamy", round three. However, she probably deserves any appointment she gets, I hate to think what she has to endure on "Cialis Thursdays".

Hey, he ran out of Neil's boys to hire. Now he has to call in the girlfriend.

I am getting a good feelin' about the next four years.

I am shocked, shocked I say!

Now, now. Kitz said we're not Blue or Red, we're all (Soylent)Green.

AFAIK, the transition team is not paid for by the state (no budget for that this year) but, rather, with leftover campaign funds. Any positions are short-term. Would there have been a problem if she was on the campaign staff?

Crackers Jack -
Good idea.
Especially when we decide to check on the bojack blog. At least several times a week now we need to munch away. The way things are heading, we may all have to stock up on boxes of Saltines.

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