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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The way we love Portland City Hall

Out of the loop and completely irrelevant.

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Adams better not demand that he be given the security clearance to be in the loop of the task force. Just like Potter he won’t get one. Potter couldn’t get one because of his womanizing and Adams won’t get a secret level clearance because of his personal financial problems.

Adams will never be given clearance- that was the issue with Potter, he wanted clearance, the FBI refused and Portland pulled Police out of the JTTF. I am wondering about entrapment- I guess with the Patriot Act, all bets are off.

I am wondering about entrapment...

Here is a short description giving the elements of entrapment: http://www.justice.gov/usao/eousa/foia_reading_room/usam/title9/crm00645.htm

Security clearance is a red herring. The Feds aren't going to be huddling with local politicians be they ever so securely cleared and clearly secure.

There was no reason for the mayor of Portland to have anything to do with this operation.

I wouldn't tell Mayor Adams anything I wanted kept quiet. I'm sure he uses every tid bit he knows or thinks he knows to try to impress the next trick.

The www.justice site noted by John is interesting. The Department of Justice website mentioned in the earlier post is a stunning website design. I learn so much from this blog. thanks
I wonder if the feds were able to ferret out other discontents from this sting.

Would have been interesting to see how long it took the mayor's crack staff to Tweet the word around town about staying away from Pioneer Square that night.

What a whiner,
Sam got caught with his pants around his ankles again.

wonder if the feds were able to ferret out other discontents from this sting.

I'm sure a few waterboarding sessions will yield results along those lines.

The Sunday Oregonian front page headline is: "Behind the Portland Bomb Plot". The subheading says, "The suspect and undercover bureau employees spent months planning attack."

I thought the FBI was supposed to prevent attacks, not plan them.

"The Tree is lit" and your Mayor is just a few drinks behind.


The FBI posing as collaborators gave the little dirtbag many opportunities to involve himself in non-violent actions. If the undercover agents had not allowed him to carry out his deed to the final moments, then a jury of bleeding-heart fools expressing the same naive sentiments as you may have granted a verdict of "not guilty."

Don't you get it? The FBI responded to his solicitation for help to murder innocent lives. What if instead of the FBI, the little mongrel had connected with a real terrorist group and we were all grieving for our dead and mangled fellow citizens and neighbors?

And lastly, how much extremely valuable information might the FBI have gleaned from this ongoing charade? How much information did they get about other operatives or associates with similar intent?

How anyone can fault the organization for saving lives and ridding the world of this piece of mierde is beyond me.

The FBI DID prevent a horrific catastrophe, you silly thing.

Well, Sammy is feeling that maybe we should re-join the JTTF, even if he doesn't get a security badge.

Let's not forget, he tried to detonate the bomb TWICE. His intent was clear.

How do you thwart an attack that you know has no chance of succeeding?

Should the government encourage crime with the intent of causing a citizen to commit a criminal act that they can punish?

What freedoms, specifically, are you willing to give up to the government in exchange for what appears to be safety?

If Islam breeds terrorists, wouldn't that mean there are over a billion terrorists on the planet?

If Christianity is a religion of peace, wouldn't that mean there are over a billion people who refuse to kill and make war on other humans?

If a teenage boy contacted Jesus with an interest in violence, what would Jesus do?

My favorite part of the story is that all information about the event--all of it--comes from only one source: the FBI affidavit.

But of course, the government doesn't manipulate stories:


Here's a more popular, similar example:


A quote from that article?:

"the only plotting he did was in response to instructions from federal agents he thought were accomplices."

Sound familiar, people? There are many stories like this. I don't expect anything from comments on this blog but a lot of fear and anger, but while we debate, the country's headed in a disturbing direction.

But luckily, this writer sums up how we narrowly escaped disaster:


Alas, another missed mentoring opportunity for Mayor Twittertwit.

TOWM: "I don't expect anything from comments on this blog but a lot of fear and anger..."

You're correct. I'm ANGRY that some d-bag was intent on killing innocent revelers, and you are obviously AFRAID of your government and those who are protecting you. Paranoid, in fact.

Fear and skepticism (or cynicism) are pretty different feelings.

Sammy had his Oscar-the-Grouch face on, so we all know how seriously he views this situation.

"The Feds aren't going to be huddling with local politicians be they ever so securely cleared and clearly secure."

Based on Kitz' campaign, neither is Obama, Kitz or Earl Blumenauer going to huddle with Sam.

I really, really want the video clip when Saltzman was pleading "that we need Sam to help run this town" when Sam's was going thru his public exposure as a liar large scale.

"Let's not forget, he tried to detonate the bomb TWICE. His intent was clear."

I think at this point, as his intent to commit murder was clear, they should have immediately put a bullet in his brain. He was clearly guilty at this point. Instead, now we, the same people he was trying to kill, will be forced to house and feed the little turd. Is it too much to hope he gets shanked in prison?

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