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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The 'dogs of December

With four five weeks to go in the regular season, the battle for top bragging rights in our charity pro football underdog pool is getting intense. We play all the way through the playoffs, but as the the playoffs wear on, it gets harder and harder to move up in the standings.

Here are this week's lines so far. No Jacksonville/Tennessee, San Francisco/Green Bay, or St. Louis/Arizona yet. We'll keep looking.

13 OAKLAND at San Diego
8 HOUSTON at Philadelphia (Thursday 5:20 PM PST)
7.5 DENVER at Kansas City
7 CINCINNATI vs. New Orleans
7 WASHINGTON at New York Giants
6.5 BUFFALO at Minnesota
6 CAROLINA at Seattle
5.5 DALLAS at Indianapolis
4.5 CLEVELAND at Miami
3.5 NEW YORK JETS at New England
3 DETROIT vs. Chicago
3 TAMPA BAY vs. Atlanta
3 PITTSBURGH at Baltimore

Picks are due Saturday at 11:59 p.m., except for Houston at Philly, for which I would need your pick by kickoff of that game.

Houston at Philly for 8? Hmmmmm...

UPDATE, 10:36 p.m.: Add these two pups:

9 SAN FRANCISCO at Green Bay
3.5 ARIZONA vs. St. Louis

UPDATE, 12/3, 8:34 p.m.: One more:

3.5 JACKSONVILLE at Tennessee

Comments (5)

Looks like SF/Green Bay and St. Louis/Arizona lines have been posted, but nothing yet on Jacksonville/Tennessee. Wonder why that game is off the board?

And hey, just for fun, how about posting the Oregon/Oregon State line in the contest this week? Oregon opened a 15.5 point favorite on the USA Today site, and is now up to 16.5 on many sites!

Jack--For what it's worth, there are 5 weeks left in the regular season (including this upcoming one). 17-week season. (Next year it could be as long as 20 weeks with 18 games. Ick. Don't like it.)

Thanks -- I forgot that although each team plays 16 games, each gets a bye week!

If I was betting on the UO/OSU game I would MAYBE, MAYBE take OSU and the 16.5 points but to take OSU to win outright like the pro teams need to in the pool, I don't think so.Just my opinion.....

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