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Monday, November 15, 2010

Stay, 'doggy, stay

The Monday night underdog, the Washington Redskins, failed to produce, and so the standings in our charity pro football underdog game remain where they were last night (scroll down). We should have preliminary lines for next weekend's games tomorrow. We are 10 weeks into a 20-week game; as the playoffs progress, the chances of advancing get slimmer, and so the folks in the back of the pack should start throwing some long bombs any time now.

This might be a good time to remind all our players about our weekly deadline. This week, Drewbob correctly picked Dallas -- which would have been a beautiful 14-point win -- but he did so at 8:24 Sunday morning, after we had posted the picks for the week. That makes his pick null and void. Another excellent player, genop, had the same thing happen a few weeks back. Once the picks get posted on Sunday morning (this week they went up at 6:30 a.m.), no further selections will be honored.

The deadline is 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, with a grace period until we actually post the picks, and as noted in the official rules, it's enforced. We hope, if we play this game again, to have an automated system in place that will let folks post their picks up until the first game kicks off on Sunday. But that is many months away, and so for now, players, just to be safe, please get it done by midnight Saturday night. BTW, picks can be changed up until the deadline -- just ask Doug, who correctly picked Dallas but then had late-night second thoughts on Saturday. He switched to Cincinnati just in time to miss the biggest payoff of the season so far.

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Thanks again Mr. Bogdanski, for the reminder. Not that we needed it.

We all were well informed of the rules from the get go. We all understood it’s a charity pool first and foremost, with only “bragging rights” as compensation.

For me, after reading “genops” post at the beginning of this season, about his wonderful experience last season, I was just proud to be among you.

Pro-football can be so much fun to watch, but in the end, it’s who you watch it with that matters!

Good luck to all the front runners, this is going to be a fun finish!

Bad Brad

I would like to take this opportunity to brag that - in my humble opinion - the Philadelphia Eagles are now the most exciting team in the NFL.
I grew up overseas and adopted the city of Philadelphia as my home sports town after visiting my sister at the University of Pennsylvania, while I was in boarding school.
When the Blazers won the championship, I lost money. I was betting on Dr. J. Being a 76ers fan has lost favor since the glory days of 1983 when the Doc won it all, and I'm now a Blazers fan for life.
But the Eagles? I have been loyal to them this whole time. We have had other teams that were awesome going back to the early days with Reggie White but I never thought it was so clear that the Eagles were the most thrilling team in the league.
And I never thought it would happen while an Oregon school was #1 in college football. Not only that but the announcers tonight compared the Eagles offense to the Ducks.
It's all happening, people.

Vick sure killed a 'dog last night.

Nice, Jack! Wish I'd thought of that pun...

The dog fighting thing will always be indefensible, but I am willing to overlook it for a shot at the Super Bowl. And at least Vick paid for his deeds with a stay in prison as opposed to a certain quarterback for the Steelers.
For me this is all about the best coach in the league: Andy Reid. Unlike Bill Belichick, Andy hasn't cheated to win. He does well because his players learn a lot from him and love him. Yes, he's had 2 sons of his own in prison, but I'm okay with that too. It helped Andy realize that you don't just throw away people like Michael Vick - especially if they can help you win a Super Bowl. And on top of it all, Andy is hilarious. If only Chris Farley had lived to play him in the movie.

I am as opposed to dog-fighting as a born-again PETA member, but I heard Michael Vick, in his interview with James Brown on 60 minutes, talk about growing up as a small boy with dog fighting, and it was just part of the community in which he grew up. Gave me a different perspective on the issue. That said, listening to the game on the radio last night, the announcers noted Vick's maturity, as well as his ability to pretty much do anything he wanted on the playing field. I wonder if the stay in prison in some odd way has actually made him a better quarterback now?

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