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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Killer cop gets the ax

The Portland officer who fatally shot Aaron Campbell just got his walking papers. But it's hardly over. The union will do its usual song and dance, and he might be reinstated. Campbell, however, will remain deceased.

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They'll take him back long enough for him to claim PTD.

It's one of three carefully orchestrated announcements made by Adams and his handpicked police chief on the same day, to create the appearance of leadership. Adams is desperate for something that looks like an accomplishment in the "Positive" column.

Just another lesson to learn. Don't call the cops except as a last resort. I'm cynical enough though that I doubt the girlfriend feels that bad about it.

Were Jim Chasse's killers punished?

Heaven forbid that a neutral third party should decide whether the City's decision was fair. That's not the way we should do things in Portland.

Yeah, we shoot people in the back here. No need for a third party to judge the fairness of that.

You've always got the last say, of course, and that's as it should be. But you should walk a mile in their shoes. Guy with emotional problems threatens "suicide by cop," is reported by his girlfriend to have a handgun, and reaches into his waistband. You've got a second, or a quarter of a second, to make a decision. What do you do?

Of course, you let someone else make the decision. And then feel comfortable being the judge of the situation, and no need for a trial because, of course, you've deemed your decision fair. Sentence first, trial later, said the Queen.

Frashour had previously proved himself to be a loose cannon. He never should have been out there with a rifle in that kind of situation.

The victim was shot in the back.

In the back.

He had just been beanbagged -- in the back.

The whole "reaching for his waistband" was another filthy lie -- just like all the lies that the heroes in blue have hidden behind when they have killed someone for no reason. The list of victims in Portland is long.

And they always have someone like you to defend them. Unfortunately for the hung-over, paranoid goons on the Portland force, people are sick of it, and not everyone's afraid to speak the truth.

Heaven forbid that a neutral third party should decide whether the City's decision was fair.

Would you be willing to extend this concept to deciding whether the shooting was justified in the first place?

Heaven forbid that a neutral third party should decide whether the City's decision was fair.

Surely you don't mean the police union is a "neutral" third party?

But you should walk a mile in their shoes.

Police weren't walking a mile in Campbell's shoes when they killed him, were they? But I'm tired of this old saw. Of course many police officers are outstanding in their profession. That does *not* mean that they can't make poor hiring decisions, make avoidable mistakes, or be wrong.

But I think the union is right about one thing: this is a political decision, not one of leadership, ethics, or standards. In the end, though, what he did was wrong, so I'm torn about debating the means to the end.

What do you do?

Am I on steroids or not? Have I been trained? How militarized is my workplace culture? And so on and so on.

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