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Monday, November 29, 2010

Homeless lockers get chilly reception from neighbors

Relentlessly pounded by City Hall, Portland's Chinatown is handed another Band-aid. Don't worry, folks; soon the homeless resort and spa will be open over by the Greyhound station, and the stolen shopping carts will be checked in and out over there. Then you can brace yourselves for the next treat that the city has for you.

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Next treat?

Greyhound will provide a tour bus to take the users of the homeless resort and spa, and the residents of Dignity Village, on a home-to-home tour of the wonderous 'historical homes' of Portland when they are open to the public?

I mean...really...these people just need to have some stimulus, ideas, and inspiration, which I'm sure that they could get from those who renovated these dilapidated older homes into the showcases they are now.

I'm sure that the residents who own these homes and receive those splenderific tax abatements for owning them would be more than happy to open their homes to the homeless of Portland. It's all for a good cause.


Instead of "The Pearl", we ought to start calling it "The Armpit".

Do they have valet parking for the shopping carts?

Move it into someplace that adopts the homeless like City Hall so they can show us how much we should care.

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