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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Don't forget to turn the clocks back tonight

Here in Oregon, we're turning them back to 1994.

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I wonder who will hold an Awareness event in Pioneer Square to showcase how Dr. No's Oregon Health Plan has become a magnet that is drawing the sick and crazy here from all other 49 states and US Protectorates.

Business at DHS and the local Housing Authorities is booming.

The extra hour can be used to puzzle out the new traffic pattern in the Pearl to accommodate the latest streetcar:

It has become increasingly difficult to reach the hospital and medical offices around NW 22nd when traveling from NE over the Broadway Bridge. The current option of using the Fremont Bridge to Thurman has become the least burdensome route. Perhaps a practice tour in the wee smalls on this night of the extra hour will prove edifying in ways the City's recent e-missive never will.

Turning our clocks back to 1994, that is funny, really funny. That is why I read your blog you always have some witty remarks.

The extra hour can be used to puzzle out the new traffic pattern in the Pearl to accommodate the latest streetcar.

It's going to take more than an hour to figure out this puzzle.

They will be distributing those Portland Online news releases at emergency rooms across the area after cyclists seek treatment of broken body parts when their wheels get stuck in the streetcar tracks.

The 60's free love, hippie, drug and unicorn and rainbow crowd continues to tax us with their "we can live forever" fantasy by re-nominating and re-electing the politicians of their days in power (90's). They thought it was all about them. And it apparantly still is, for awhile in Multnomah and Lane counties. They look selfish, they of that generation. Powerful, yes, that's what age grants you, but the legacy they've scripted serves no one but themselves. It's there for all to see, they are being themselves, as they approach the bitter end:

Exhibit A: John Kitzhaber
Exhibit B: Jerry Brown

Whatever, whatever. So get it on, then. If in 2014 Oregon state unemployment is back down to 5% (all races, and specifically African-American and Hispanic USA citizens, not just anglo) and the Oregon Food Bank is out of business, and Obama keeps his word and pulls us out of Afghanistan, then we'll know it was all about their cause and not them.

With all due respect, the clock is ticking, let's see what you've got. Walk the talk. Get it done.

Your problem is that you don't realize being progressive means recycling.

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