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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bully for you

Fireman Randy's fire truck tax is now passing by about 1600 votes. God bless those late Multnomah County ballot counts; the blue hipsters all seem to vote at the last minute.

Now he and the mayor can spend more money on worthless crud.

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It's saying something, I think, that it ended up being so close. Naturally Randy will crow and get on the next flight out to South Carolina to start picking out his new toys, but it's not exactly an overwhelming mandate (although I have no doubt he'll take it that way). But given that Portland voters usually overwhelmingly approve most tax increases that show up on the ballot, and that people rarely say no to whatever firefighters want, that its passage was in doubt for so long is surprising. Combined with the uproar over the leaf tax and swiping of the "sewer savings" for bike lanes, it should be a warning shot to City Council that they no longer have carte blanche to run up the tab.

At least, that's the silver lining I'm trying to console myself with right now. Oh well, at least this property tax bump will be offset somewhat by the nonrenewal of the TriMet bond.

The Tri-Met deal was major.

Leonard will take it as a mandate if it passes by so much as 1 vote and never look back.

The Hipsters are sorry they were late turning in their ballots. They slept in.

What even hurts more is that last Saturday my elderly neighbor lady asked me to pick up a free smoke alarm from my local fire station. Apparently she read in the paper that these smoke alarms were available at your local fire department. I double checked and they were giving away 16000 units on a first come first serve basis. Each person was eligible for two each alarms. My neighbor cannot drive anymore and depends upon the friends, relatives, neighbors and the Tri Met lift to get by. I offered to do it as the fire station # 12 at 8645 NE Sandy Blvd was right on my way anyway. As I pulled up to the fire station I saw a woman walk out of the door carrying a big box of the alarms like at least a dozen and quickly get into a newer Chevrolet Suburban and drive off. I knocked on the door and inquired about getting one for my neighbor. The fireman there said, sorry they were all out. I asked him about the woman I just saw leaving with the whole box of them. He said, yes she got the last batch. I replied that I thought there was supposed to be a limit of two per person. The fireman said there was no limit, folks could have as many as they want, and he gave them all to that woman. He said try some other fire stations to see if they have any left. After that I had a bad taste in my mouth and didn’t want to mess with it. As I was on my way to K-Mart anyway, I just bought one for my neighbor lady. I gave it to her and she said, isn’t is so nice the fire department is giving them away, I am surely going to vote so they get the new fire trucks.

No doubt the woman in the Suburban will sell her fire alarms for a tidy profit. Our tax dollars at work.

Now wait a minute . . . I turned in my ballot about 7:15, but I didn't vote for this! It was kinda heartwarming at a drop off spot in NE Portland to see the long line of cars. I commented to a gent directing traffic that this was my protest, my desire to actually GO to the polls on election day, and he replied, "It would be nice to have that again!"

Sure do miss the civic sense of neighborhood precinct voting. Something wonderful about the elderly ladies calling out my name, "____ _____ _______ has voted."
Vote by mail is more like paying bills, than performing my civic duty.

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