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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Timin' is the thing, it's true

Just about everything prosecutors do is done for multiple reasons. Why these indictments were handed up today as opposed to... oh, I don't know... a week from tomorrow, is worth contemplating.

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I'm not sure I understand your reasoning on this. Most prosecutors and DAs are supporters of tougher laws -- especially mandatory minimums.

Why would a DA bring a crime to a grand jury during this election time for something that hurts a measure they support?

These are generalities, but I've never heard of a prosecutor who didn't like the toughest possible sentence available at their disposal.

Do you think Kroger and Brown support 73? Come on.

Timing seemed a little curious to me as well. Then I read Carla over at BO jumping on it as evidence that signature fraud is only associated with conservative petitioners.

Scrolling down through the comments to her post revealed that bad apple circulators have been indicted on lefty measures this year (M76, lottery for parks).

Also revealed in those comments was that the evidence that led to the indictments was discovered by the circulation company and voluntarily provided to the SoS.

For some reason the AG and SoS overlooked that little tidbit of information in their joint press release timed to appear a week before the election.

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