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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The West Hills people want more of your money

I was wondering if we were going to get any election porn in the mail from the West Hills aristocrats pushing Ballot Measure 26-118, which would impose a Multnomah County property tax to pay for the historical society. Sure enough, it showed up yesterday:

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Don't fondle the beaver, kid.

Very moving.....

Maybe we could put up some new signage at OHS when this bond measure passes:

"Portland Mayors love all the children of Portland, but they only make love to a select few."

Thanks a lot for making me spew coffee onto my keyboard ! Hilarious!

"Then what's this animal pelt for?"

"This is how you'll make your clothes in a few years when Portland is bankrupt."

History - hmmm
What would be said in the Historical Society
about the leadership in Portland if the result is bankruptcy?

"Hmmm, the state won't give us much funding. What will we do?"

"Have Portland vote on it! Those suckers... oops, I mean, community-minded progressives.... will vote for anything!"

He-he ya need bumper stickers with the comment about Neil on them.

"this is how you will need to learn to trap and use animal pelts now because the city of Porltand is broke today!
Forget the beavers...
There are very few beavers left in the wild so you will have to trap cats and squirrels instead.
Oh and try stealing eggs from your neighbor's city chicken coop too.
Just watch out for those city commissioners hiding in the bushes with the cameras.
History and education!

There are very few beavers left in the wild so you will have to trap cats and squirrels instead.

Actually, we have beaver in abundance. They built a dam in the stream running through my back yard - prompting BES to slap an "environmental overlay" there.

First thing I thought when I saw the photo: volunteer lady. Sure enough, the tag hanging off her says "docent".

Interesting that a place mostly run by volunteers needs a tax levy.

But Portlanders love stuff like that. They passed a huge measure for the zoo, so why not add more for the Historical Society?

Next up: a "greenway" under the Pill Hill Tram.

Docent's caption revised. "He was the boyfriend of your Dad's babysitter."

I was going to vote against it. My son pointed out to me that he really enjoyed going there as a child. He said the Oregon Historical Society really sparked his interest in Oregon history because of all the quality exhibits. To him it was just as interesting as OMSI. He said, if it goes broke your grandson won’t have the opportunity and enjoyment I had visiting the museum. Isn’t it worth ten bucks a year for your grandson to have the same experiences? As far as I am concerned that was a compelling argument and I will vote yes.

Another $10 a year? No big deal. But why are Portland property owners footing the bill for what should be the state's responsibility? I'm voting no on principle.

OHS is one institution that needs to fly into the mountain. The Directors, and their have been many over the years, could not sell it to our elected officials at the State, county and city. They also could not sell it to the foundations. It is a redundant institution who's mission could be better served by the state archives, state library, and the special collection services of the different state universities. I don't need to spend ten dollars a year to keep a collection of circus wagons (The Quigley collection) on display. Yes, I am a former employee of the OHS.

surely this is a joke?

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