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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How the gangsters are just like everyone else

When Portland's mayor speaks, they don't take him seriously.

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Just ANOTHER failure of real leadership by the "mayor." It is so beyond time for the "mayor" to step aside and leave town...what a clown.

No one takes him seriously except his choir.

I am sure the mayor's Twitter account has them shaking in their boots!

That's right, fellow Portlanders: The Mayor responded to the shooting via his Twitter account.

Jesus Christ.

Someone's explained to Creepy that this isn't a Bill Hicks routine, and these aren't hooligans turning over dustbins in Shaftsbury, right? (I just had this horrible picture of him running down the street, screaming "The hooligans are loose! The hooligans are loose!")

I am the last person in this city to be a fan of the mayor but really folks....would any politican make an impact on these punks? As if they read the paper...or watch the news.
As if some gun-totin' homeboy gives two cents what the mayor thinks. Or what any of us think.
It's the culture, stupid.
They think 'we' are all chumps and sell-outs to 'the man'.

DM - then why does the city and state encourage and foster a culture of cyclical dependence and single motherhood?

DuMb - The mayor could do a lot to address the problem by killing the urban renewal developer gravy train, and putting that $100 million per year back into police services. Instead - he tweets.

I'd rather see the Gangstas take care of the Mayor than vice versa.

then why does the city and state encourage and foster a culture of cyclical dependence and single motherhood?


would any politican make an impact on these punks?

Of course not. Not with speeches. But that's all the mayor has to offer. As far as devoting actual resources to the problem, he has no resources. It's all going for pet projects.

Watch a program on A&E called "The First 48". The show is about real homicide detectives investigating murders in big cities like Miami, Dallas and Memphis. It is by far the best reality television I have seen.

If the gang murders in Portland are anything like the gang murders in those cities, they exist in a culture that has no awareness of Sam Adams and no regard for the police. It's all about surviving on mean streets and settling the beef, real or imagined.

The mayor's message is not for the shooters. It's for the people who pay attention to this sort of thing and expect the leader to do something about the problem.

Well, he said "stop" on television and on Twitter so what else can he do?

Another tombstone for the 2d Amendment. Did they ever determine whether Payton's death was from an automatic assault weapon. I know the "only criminals will have guns" argument. But what we have now is "All criminals and wannabe's have guns"- and more deadly ones at that.

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