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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

1 down, 49 to go

We noted last night that the gerrymandered map of Portland's proposed new "urban renewal" district has got to have about 50 scams in it. Today Willy Week has identified the first of them: Pave over more of Waterfront Park, this time for a concert amphitheater and "destination eatery." To be run by friends of Mayor Creepy and Fireman Randy, no doubt. And the taxpayers will subsidize it.

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"Destination eatery" = "national chain."

Has nobody noticed Portland's location on the rankings of food cities? We're very close to the top. If someone thinks they can make money by bringing a "destination eatery" to town, they are welcome to fund it with their own money. If they won't fund it with their own money, that perhaps should tell you something about how successful they think it'll be.

Where is Nick Fish? Protecting our parks from McDonald's? Apparently not.

There are some destination shops and eateries in the Rose Quarter. We can see how well it worked out for the Blazers.

Another sad part is the Creep and Randy are only stooges in the process.

Don't worry -- It's not about here.

Go to page 14 of the PDF document linked from WW. Page 14 shows clearly that it is intended for someplace else.


(Poor bastards.)

Fropm the brochure:

"The rivers remind us of vital connections
- the natural with the man-made,
the timeless with the new. Burger King.

Along with the new-better-stateoftheart- Waterfront Park 'bowl' will be an operator,akin to the Expo or Convention Centers, and the cost of using the park will become astronomical. Events like the Waterfront Blues Fest or just about anything will be priced out of the park. Unless you want to rent it for your exclusive corporate event.. subsidized by the fair City of Portland.
The blues fest will probably locate to Clark County Fairground or the Gorge or something..

Wow. What a monumentally bad idea. Something we absolutely do not need.
But hey...lets close some more schools!

I have an idea for the developers in this city. If they REALLY want to improve the city's livability, maybe pony up some cash for education. Maybe build or remodel a school or two...on their own dime.

Maybe they could install a new Vera Katz statue at the restaurant? They can locate it on the sidewalk, with a spare change sign and a pit bull.

Call it Portland's Legacy.

"Destination eatery" = McCall's #2

And we all know how well that went ...

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