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Friday, September 24, 2010

Spirit (Money) of Portland (Area) Awards

The Spirit of Portland Award winners for this year have been announced. Congratulations to all of them.

But gee... Fireman Randy picked a building contractor from Beaverton; the mayor chose a retired college professor and Nike vice president who lives in Vancouver; Legend Dan picked a real estate investment and management company...

Aw, heck. Congratulations to them anyway.

Comments (6)

What? No Chris Humphreys?

Would you really want someone who shows the actual spirit of Portland to get an award?

The domiciles of the winners are appropriate: that's "Spirit" as in Ghost.

Having attended the awards last year in support of a highly deserving Sharon Meigh Chang, thought you might like some personal observations. Sharon was nominated for decades of work wth the PTA clothing center among myriad other volunteer activites. She was 3rd or 4th on the program.
The fireman choose to honor the neon sign businessman who donated the rose atop McCall's on the waterfront. The night did seem to have a long list of awards (22-25)

I may go back this year just for the fun of last year. Sharon was introduced to the mayor; she in turn proceeded to introduce her daugher and sister who had flown in from CA. As she continued to me; the mayor finally glanced at me, withdrew his outstretched hand and turned on his heel so hard that a military man would have been impressed. Seems he recognizes those who worked for his recall.

Fritz served cake that night....

Barbara Rommel retired this summer after serving many years as Superintendant of the David Douglas School District. She wasn't a drama queen, and she kept the district even-keeled and financially more responsible than other districts in the area. She definitely deserves an award!

The committee choices listed down the page are far better than those of the politicians, with the possible exception of large business (they picked Wells Fargo and Trailblazers). Perhaps we should just dispense with the politicians' picks and let the committee choose all of the categories.

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