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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not guilty!

According to police, this person did not in fact throw acid in someone's face. Indeed, this person in fact does not exist:

That's a relief, because she actually looks quite a bit like someone we know!

Oh, well. We can save this sketch in our file for whenever we need a female suspect in the future.

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I also thought she looked a little bit like the President. And I'll bet she was born in Kenya!

You know how you hear a saying and it's just an expression - not a description of real events? Well, I now know that the expression "my jaw dropped" is an actual physical response by the body. When I heard this my jaw and the rest of my head dropped involuntarily around 4 inches.
Who does this? It's shades of that woman who drove her kids into the lake and blamed it on a black man. But as sick as that was, she had a motive that made relative "sense" - she felt trapped by them.
But who does this?
And how about the copycat version of this in another state? Thanks for putting that in motion, too.

I knew it was fake from the first story. It's the typical the black guy/girl did it story.

I can never go to Stabucks without tripping over people, but no one saw anything.

Long hair pulled back in a ponytail? Maybe a high school kid.

I really had hoped I was wrong . . . .

Remember when the conservative blogger said that black men held her up and carved a "B" (for Barack) in her face? Seems like the same crap as this.

PJB: I remember that lady who carved the B in her own forehead. The first clue it was a hoax was the fact that the B was backwards, like it would be if she was looking in the mirror while carving. What a dumbass!

Oprah Winfrey solved one notorious Portland-area crime today. It just wasn't the one everyone might have expected.

Yes, yes - the case had Tawana Brawley written all over it, from the beginning.


Let's assume the copycat attack is real and that the attacker was motivated by this case. Shouldn't Storro bear some of the blame for that as well?

When the story of the attacker came out, I thought she had to be mental. Now that it's a hoax, and this woman attacked herself, I still think it was a mental breakdown.
Once you get into this area of self-destruction involving massive amounts of pain, you are in a very unusual part of the mental illness field.
Any blame or feelings of anger I have directed at this woman, is a natural reaction, but I already know I'm going to process this and realize she is just one sick person. We have a Grade A psycho here and in her own way, she did a lot of damage to society.
Another woman burned, and another false race-based accusation. It's a grim, nasty story. Think of all the combined fear in our area and horrid feelings across the country that this produced.
There's one thing I'm now clear on: They say she recently got divorced - I can see how that could happen.

you don't have to go back as far as the 1980's and Tawana Brawley. Although I knew someone would.. . . . . . .

Bonnie Sweeten, Ashley Todd, the runaway bride in just the last couple of years. . .. and from the wayback 90's machine Charles Stuart and Susan Smith.

what a coinky-dink.

The sketch looks strikingly similar to Ms. Storro herself, pre-incident.

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