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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Easy money for the Welches con man

A first-time reader writes:

So, unfortunately I seem to be one of the newest people to meet David Wilson. As I googled his name and found your website I cant help but feeling duped. He gave me the typical lines about knowing where Welches is and asked for twenty bucks. As I decided whether or not to help him I figured that I would take the chance hoping that if he was telling the truth at least I could help him out of a tight spot. The way I look at it, he had a pretty good story and if he was lying he probably needed that twenty pretty bad. In the end you just have to hope for the best in everyone even if people like him will take advantage of you. Next time I'm just going to need to ask more questions.

Corner of NE 7th St. and NE Weidler St. It was about 11pm. He was wearing a hat, t-shirt, shorts and "Croc"-like slip-on shoes. He also still had a beard. When he left he walked east on Weidler.

To the nearest bar, no doubt.

Comments (11)

That would be the 719 Club on Broadway.

You'd think that, by now, he'd of been run out of town for wearing Crocs in public.

There must be something around here up with which we will no longer put.

That would be the 719 Club on Broadway.

Maybe we need to go visit him and get our money back.

Time to start a map that pinpoints his locations from past and future cons. Start tightening his world...

It's rather late to weigh in on the subject and probably too late to change it, but could you possibly refer to this scumbag by another moniker?

"Welches Con Man" makes it sound like he's from here and it reflects rather badly on our great little mountain community. The only connection this puke has to Welches is that he's using and abusing our name (and reputation) in his con and I would rather not further the notion that he's from here. Our whole community is a victim of this creep too.

He lived in Welches for a while, with his sister we're told. His first-hand knowledge of that area makes his story more credible.

I was at a coffee shop in NE a week ago with my mom, and he came in and started to try to convince the barista to give him a free day-old pastry or something. Like he was absolutely entitled to it for free, and to be told he had to pay something was just outrageous. Just looking at his eyes as he walked out... scary stuff. Obviously this has been established by now, but this guy is screwed up beyond all reason.

I honestly wonder if he's spent two seconds in the last decade (or however long he's been on the street pulling this) genuinely trying to get himself out of this insane bulls**t. Common sense tells you he probably hasn't.

fwiw, I've had three personal encounters w/ Mr Wilson, all in my front yard (inner NE). The first two were about a year apart. The second and third were on consecutive days. All three times he offered the same "stolen truck" story. The third time, I told him I'd heard this from him before, and that I was left with one of two possible explanations: either that he was lying to me or that he was a very slow learner with absolutely terrible luck. He then asked me if I wanted to know the truth and I said yes. It went something like this: "I've got a drug problem that's ruined my life. I lost my business, my family, my home. So [smiling now] can I have the $20?"

Besides Welches, he has in the past shacked up at his mother's apartment on Scholls Ferry Rd. near the Fred Meyers on Hillsdale Hwy. She died so now he roams again, but is often seen in the vicinity, sometimes passed out in neighborhood landscaping, leaving his empty bottles if that's his drug for the day.

He lived in Welches for a while, with his sister we're told.

Sorry, hadn't heard that before. Did that bit of info come from the con man himself? Just curious.

His first-hand knowledge of that area makes his story more credible.

Anyone who lives in Welches knows it takes a lot more than $20 in cab fare to get here from Portland. Just saying that his "first-hand" knowledge seems to consist of knowing that Welches exists and that it is far away.

Wow, Jack is fast! Mr. Wilson just poked his head in our store, which is now at 27th and Broadway. He only had to say "Welches," and we knew what he was going to ask, and told him so. He said "Ok," and headed out, walking east. We haven't had time to read here as much since our store moved, or we could have had forewarning. Be aware, he's quite polished and clean-cut looking.

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